Drake #6 On MuchMusic’s Top 10 Moments

Drake #6 On MuchMusic’s Top 10 Moments


Drake’s career shot through the sky in 2010. MuchMusic made a list of the Top 10 Moments of 2010 and Drake made it at #6 on the list. Watch the video after the jump that highlights some of Drake’s achievements throughout this year.

  • Damn thats ridiculous a 23 year old person with all that fame and fortune. I Love Drake… He came out at the perfect time in the game

  • Wow he is so incredible, Drake is truly blessed…I am so Happy for him, its so exciting…!!! Who knows what he is going to do next…?

  • SimplyDrake

    #6? Congratulations drizzy!!! you deserve this more than anything, in my opinion you should be number 1, but with all that your doing, you’ll be #1 in a matter of no time, love you <3

  • Chris Foster

    Aye!!!!!!Congrats Young Sweet Jones $)
    $DJ Frosty$

  • DoPe NeSsA(;

    Damm # 6.?? He Shudd Be # 1 But CONGRADULATIONS DRIZZY DRAKE(; 2010 Was YOUR YEAR.!! Ur gonna RUN 2011.!!(;