Drake MTV VMA’s 2010 Tune In!

Drake MTV VMA’s 2010 Tune In!


Drake‘s first VMA performance! Catch it tonight at 9pm EST, red carpet at 8. Check out these couple VMA commercials with Drake and Sway. Drake will be performing Fancy with Swizz Beatz and Mary J Blige tonight. As far as T.I. there hasn’t been any word due to his recent situation with getting arrested. Tune in tonight to MTV, it’s gonna be epic!

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  • drizzy is going to distory the stage with his perfromance.

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Congrats Daddy Drake very good. Mayb next time ull take ur only good luck charm with u so u can collect the awards like Gaga. We have a concert to attend 2morrow so dont b late. Sweet dreams n love you papi. Mwah.

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    oh baby couple things watch ur facial expressions u never kno when the cameras on u. And baby u really were great loved it cant wait 2 b with u. Love u very much and really cant wait 2 b 2gether. Mwah love u praying 2 c u sooner then later. Mwah 1 n only.

  • Maria Javier

    Your performance for the VMA was epic! I loved every moment of it, everything you did was so perfect! You look so good in that suit, very suave!Keep killing them my love…

  • CorruptBlaque

    Iff all i here is me….Than who should i be afraid off…….>>DRAKE<<<<
    @corrupt Blaque