Drake Live On UStream After Miss Me Premiere

Drake Live On UStream After Miss Me Premiere


Drake should be on any minute now. Just hang in there. If for some reason you lose connection just visit Ustream.

  • i cant hear nefink.!!!! :'(

  • you’re so cute =] i love all your songs.

    i love the video <3

  • drake Baby i have a booty you would love! u are so sexy with that voice!! keep up the great music

  • i love you so much drake back before with ya tv show i loved you i hope you come to philly soon. my name is ebonee give me a shout out please

  • i love every single song you spit and on resistance i could relate when you said you got a text from a girl you messed with unprotected and she wish she could of kept it you took the words out my mouth i can relate to all your songz you the best rapper every you lil wayne and nicki minaj i hope yall do get together!!! and i always dreamed of being on degrassi the next generation how would i audition?

  • Jonathan Duncan (J-Dunc)

    Dude man your my inspiration!..Defiantly my idol! ha….but if you ever wanna here a white kid rap, well rap good i should say lol..hit me up

    • Jonathan Duncan (J-Dunc)


  • Cindy

    hahahahaha (: your ustream singinggg <33

    ohh, and i really dont know what im attracted to more, your confidence, your energy, or your talent.

    i really cant wait to see you in Tampaaaa

  • cleo williams

    drake is soo amazingg , im like your number 1 fan in england
    ashame u dont do no toursss ea :@:@

    irl come overr
    if i couldd say everythingg i love about u and put a flower down
    irl beee walkingg in a garden !.

    cleeowilliams :)

    • Gemma

      i love u drake <3333

  • cnt wait till the movies come out?