Drake is King According to Timbaland

Drake is King According to Timbaland


When Timbaland recently gave an interview to HOT 97 the rapper paid homage to Drake and told the interviewer that Drizzy is the king. The interview started with a discussion about Kanye West, and how Kanye has the ability to create hits that are widely accepted on the radio even though the songs do not have a chorus in the traditional sense. The interview then moved on to Drake and his music methods. Timbaland had plenty of good things to tell interviewers Peter Rosenberg and Ebro Darden, and the entire thing is on video and it can be seen online.

During the HOT 97 Timbaland interview the rapper talked about Drake and said “That’s why you got to look at homeboy now, he got it – Drake got it. He the King. He got it. He doing everything that the people done in the ‘90s, but flipping it in a cooler way. I watch [him] and I say, ‘This dude doing everything. He really studied it. He really studied it and flipped it to this generation.’ People need to pay attention to him. The way he do his business and the way he doing it, it’s on point.”

The latest Timbaland release, a mixtape called King Stays King, was rated 3 out of 5 by HipHopDX. Marcus Dowling reviewed the mixtape and was less than impressed, stating that “In total, a producer and artists who have lost a bit of the passion that brought them to stardom reside here, which ultimately causes this mixtape to be less than successful. Can a king still be considered a king without a crown?” Does this mean that Timbaland’s spot on the throne is in jeopardy?