Drake Intro + Lil Wayne VMA Performance 2011 (video)

Drake Intro + Lil Wayne VMA Performance 2011 (video)


Drake was nowhere to be found all night at the VMA’s until the end when he introduced Lil Wayne‘s VMA Performance. Lil Wayne performed How to Love and a mix up of his other songs. Lil Wayne’s album is available right now on iTunes.

[ DOWNLOAD ] – Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV (Deluxe Edition)

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Im a big Wayne fan but I didnt like it

  • pewpew

    Drake’s fucking intro was the highlight of this whole performance.

  • uhhhhhh….

  • Marques Houston

    pants FAIL!!!!!

  • Young Yeezy

    1st of all, whats with the pants? 2nd, do the censored version of your songs damnit!!! Don’t u know that kids watch MTV as well?

  • Shaggy

    The dude is garbage and hasn’t dropped a good album since the block is hot.  He lip syncs the whole song, and badly at that, He faked playing a guitar on stage in front of millions of people while they applaud at this mockary as if it is really talent.  He talks about being a “gangsta” while wearing woman’s pants and dressing like a white suburban highschool hipster or emo kid.  Enough said. 

    • ihleehp <3

      so, why are you even on this site?
      move around, apparently you have nothing better to do with your life but sit on his nuts and try  to find something to talk bad about, while he’s out making moneyy <$
      #movearound !

    • Juan Carlos Nevarez

      thank you hater

  • Jc46

    Sexy vans<33

  • fucking drizzy drake mad good intro ily 

  • Lusternight217

    what lil wayne song did drake sing

    • Lusternight217

      or what part of it did he sing?