Short Drake Interview With ABC

Short Drake Interview With ABC


ABC catches up with Drake and talks about his upcoming tour in Europe along with going on tour with J. Cole. Aubrey Graham talks about his goals set for the new years as well as he mentions how excited he is about his 4 Grammy nominations. European tour will start up in January next year.

  • SimplyDrake

    come to new york again! :)

    loveyou drizzy*

  • Come to Chicago… My Favorite artist is Drake too. He then walked in here lookin like the man of the year lol

  • lety24

    SHIT shit cum 2 los angeles or san fransico or to okaland we will love u drake

  • Elod!e

    Enfin il viens en France ! 21 janvier <3

  • Chris Foster

    He needs to come down to tha Ham in Bama. Ay!!!!!!!
    $DJ Frosty$

  • Crystal

    I luv his laugh lol all the best of luck to him and J.Cole on their tour. I know it’s gonna be epic. :)

  • Judith

    Drake i love you<3 thats all!! :)

  • Jessicadavalos0

    DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE plz come 2 chicago!! Ur my absolute favorite artist in the whole world!!! i have posters n make bracelets n everything!! Im ur biggest fan! Luv ya Drizzy ;)