• SimplyDrake

    come to new york again! :)

    loveyou drizzy*

  • Come to Chicago… My Favorite artist is Drake too. He then walked in here lookin like the man of the year lol

  • lety24

    SHIT shit cum 2 los angeles or san fransico or to okaland we will love u drake

  • Elod!e

    Enfin il viens en France ! 21 janvier <3

  • Chris Foster

    He needs to come down to tha Ham in Bama. Ay!!!!!!!
    $DJ Frosty$

  • Crystal

    I luv his laugh lol all the best of luck to him and J.Cole on their tour. I know it’s gonna be epic. :)

  • Judith

    Drake i love you<3 thats all!! :)

  • Jessicadavalos0

    DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE plz come 2 chicago!! Ur my absolute favorite artist in the whole world!!! i have posters n make bracelets n everything!! Im ur biggest fan! Luv ya Drizzy ;)