Drake Inspires Students At MLK High School

Drake Inspires Students At MLK High School


Drake visited MLK High School in Nashville today to give a speech to the kids. Check out the video below of everything that went down.

Music superstar Drake gave MLK Magnet students the surprise of a lifetime, showing up for a school assembly to deliver a message of inspiration. Drake took time away from rehearsing from tonight’s performance to talk about his own experience dropping out of high school and how he still wishes to earn his diploma. He told the students to stay in school and follow their dreams because “you never know what could happen.” For the students in that auditorium it was the thrill of a lifetime.”

  • Drakes#1Fan<3

    Come to Holeey NY

    • Drakes#1Fan<3

      Holley Srry

  • alex

    You nvr come to georgia can you please come!! :D

  • carlpittso

    u inspire me every day who knew

  • Don

    I was expecting a 20minute long video of wisdom, all I got was 2 minutes of immature girls talking over Drake and lil girls screaming while he was tryna speak..

    • Kiarasjohnson99

      Hater Alert!!! KML

      • Guest

        Don isn’t hating. But clearly you are

  • Victorferman

    fucking lucky ass holes!!!!

  • Guest

    Why wouldn’t he go to Nashville School of the Arts? I believe that it would show the student what it takes to get to where he is. My students in the chorus program would love to have that experience.

  • Aria

    My alma mater! Purchasing tickets to see him next week in Tallahassee RIGHT NOW. 

  • carlpittso

    lucky kids , wish u could come to ny as a surprise for like the last night of the concert

  • Awwe, Drake should go to Katella High school in Anaheim CA instead!:D
    I <3 Drake/

  • Liza

    Preferbaly Brewer High School!(:

  • Drizzy Drake

    Drake need to come to T.F South In Lansing, IL nbs lol

  • sounds like everyone was talking while he was saying his speech

  • Glowies

    I thought he said, ” Memphis, Tennessee know. ”
    Whats he doing in Nashville XD 

  • Sa5mrocks

    You should come to my school. OMG I luvv drake