MTV: Drake #2 Hottest MC In 2011

MTV: Drake #2 Hottest MC In 2011


Tonight Drake was officially named #2 hottest MC in the year 2011 by MTV. The decision for first was between Rick Ross and Drake, Rick Ross ended up taking #1, but both artist are great. Check out the short clip after the jump.

  • ew why rick ross

    • Adami1

      It is BS drake is the hottest MC ross is suck come on guy honestly 

  • Dito View

    I don’t like how they made it seem when drake was put second after they chose ross, like they gave drake no recognition just saying ” he’s number 2 ” . Smh . 

  • O_V_O_X_O

    ????I would have pulled a kayne and bust in that room and say: “imma let you finish but drake is the great mc even!!!! Lol but good job Ross I guess…..-_-

  • Walton23hester

    honestly rick ross sucks lol

  • Omar A.k.A 007 :P

    Rick Ross sucks so bad compared to drake! Lyric wise, rapping wise, singing wise, Drake is far above everyone! Keep up the good work Drizzy! Looking forward to the Junior Album. I already know your Gunna kill it! I’m Love with your music bro!

  • Afrey

    Go drake you still the N 1 they like it or not

  • I sweat Swag <3

    Doesn’t Matter. Rick Ross and Drake are bros.
    So either way if Drake won #1 it wouldn’t be any different as #2 

  • Harperdj83

    Drake is Number 2…ok where all upset. BUT DID YOU SEE THE REST OF THE LIST! Meek Milz over big Sean???…..Nicki over Wayne????? and Jay z isnt even in the Top 5 !!!!! WTF!

    • Harperdj83

      sorry, “we’er”

      • Brianbennet1

         sorry “we’re”

    • lonelybutveryfreeBlackPerson

       and rolling stone corwned eminem king of rap
      just goes to show that neither mtv nor the rolling stone magazine have a clue about music… sorry guys but you dont bite the hand that feeds you

  • Drake is by far the most talented hip hop artist i have ever seen, i wont deny that hes my favorite hands down, aside his music, his lyrics are just unreal…hes a lyrical genius, the only reason why they chose rick ross over drake is because drake sings, but what if rick ross sang too, what would the outcome be, what sophomore breaks the billboard record for for most #1 songs, with 2 platinum albums, all rick ross is known for is his mixtapes

  • Where the fuck is Jezzy and T.I. 
    And Lil Wayne at #5 WTF r u goofies 
    Doin at the table if you know nuthin 
    about Hip Hop………………

  • Sydanial14

    Rick Ross better lyricist than Drake….? Drake doesnt have over your head lyrics but they are much better than Rick Ross crap ass lyrics, the best part of every song he does is his stupid as loud grunt sounding like he didnt get fed or some shit… this entire list is Shit 

  • Drizzy Drake

    thats fair I guess

  • KaylinGraham

    Why The HELL Did Rick Ross Win Over My Baby . Tht Makes Absolutely NOOO Sense ! >_<

  • Nhlanhla_themba

    drizzy drake is way better than rick ross,take care did well and got a way better recognition,heads up to drake,the best come second in everything

  • NizzyNik

    Damn didn’t see that coming I thought Drake had that shit in the bag , all i listen to is drake and Take Care , it’s just…. phenomenal but maybe Rick’s mix tape was good too , I just never bothered to listen to it , but it’s all good drake we still support you bro !

  • Zzdanielsantanazz

    its all about drake