Drake Speaks On “Headlines” and Take Care” Album

Drake Speaks On “Headlines” and Take Care” Album


“By no means is it the best song on my album, it’s really just the song for this moment, right now,” Drake tells Billboard.com’s The Juice of his first single, “Headlines.” After blazing through one of his best shows at the 2nd Annual OVO Festival, in Toronto on Sunday (July 31), Drake talked to The Juice on “Headlines,” released the morning of OVO Fest, and said his sophomore album, “Take Care,” is his “best project.”

“I always try to put forth a song with a message. A lot of people pick their single by what’s the strongest song. I don’t really do that. I like to make sure that the content is very relevant to right now,” Drake tells The Juice. “I want people to party to it but at the same time the fans, the people that care about my career, the people that follow me, will hear a message in it.”

via Billboard

  • Greg Guzman

    Take Care seems to be cared very much… VIVA LA OVO!!!

  • dougiebeast

    18 songs!? Now im more impatient for the album!

  • Libra’s World

    Sounds good Drake but 18 songs damn must got a lot to get off yo chest

  • DrankHouston713

    Drake Im So Ready Fir Take Care >XD!!!!

  • wayne

    already know headlines by heat is that unhealthy?

  • R33C3Y

    could listen to ‘headlines’ allday, everyday. great song and this is just the beginning of his majorly anticipated album. its gonna be soooooo good. DRIZZZYYDRAKEEEE!

  • Anonymous

    oh man 18 songs!? Im so psyched for take care. When he said 18 songs, i hope thats not including the deluxe edition IF he makes one(which im hoping)

  • ADG-Habzy08

    WOW…18 Songs… That is truly incredible… its an album worthy of its name…TAKE CARE… Drizzy has put a lot of care, effort and time into this album. No doubt the hard work he has put into the album will pay off… WE LOVE YOU DRAKE!!! 

  • Jwill120

    Yes Sir!!!Can’t wait for Take care Gon Be Best album of 2011!!!!!

  • POW

    im buyin Take Care as soon as it comes out, cant wait to hear the bars, gettin goosebumps already lol

  • DrakeIsLife

    Best Rapper Alive

  • Crystal

    Lol he’s soooo cute when he laughs!!!!

  • I love headlines! I can’t wait any more for take care!!