Drake – Headlines Parody Music Video (Affion Crockett)

Drake – Headlines Parody Music Video (Affion Crockett)


Affion Crockett put out a new spoof video of Drake‘s Headlines music video yesterday night. He’s at it again, check out the video below. What you guys think?


    hes a biitch ( tell me guys if ya agree or no) if ya against this dude up der 

  • this is wack ass parody

  • Helen alemuaka Drakes #1 fan

    thats not funny at all drakes beatiful so dont be hatin besides bushy is the new sexy and only drake can pull em’ off!

    • YNGM

      its just a joke, get off drakes dick

      • drake#1fan

        well drakes dick is where its at

  • Chyeah_3193

    it’s a joke. quit riding Drake’s dick.

  • AlecoBot

    Even though it was funny, it was hard to listen too.

  • _marK0_0

    smh im a big drake fan myself from Toronto but Chyeah_3193 is right. He bearly knows you and this is called a Parody. No beef. He’s done shit in the past like the Best I Ever Had parody with the shit stain lol… yall prolly new fans suckin his dick

  • _marK0_0

    NEVER DISRESPECT. Quit dick riding.


    Chyeah_3193 u better shut da fuk up iight we all just fans motha fuka dont take it that way dude

  • haha

    oh you wanna be a muthaf*cken funny guy? dont make me break your kevin hart boy.

  • Morgan Nicole201

    hahahahahahahaha. “they grow, they grow, they grow.”

  • Kirsten

    you guys are whack and drama. COOL VIDEO AFFION its  funny :)

  • Fr3sh_N3w_Js

    Hah! funny-_-

  • Crystal

    Lmfaooo at those eyebrows!!!! I can’t lol smh

  • victoria

    its not even funny1

  • parodies are all good and shit, but this is just actaully a completely awful parody, not funny or anything. not even catchy. failed like shit.

  • polaris


  • Miraclecarmichael

    peddie has it cums yuu realy took all that tyme to dis-respect drake like that realy SMDH


    get a life realy LAME