Drake “Headlines” Music Video Premiere

Drake “Headlines” Music Video Premiere


The world premiere of Drake’s hit single “Headlines” Music Video just released and we got it first. The month of October is Drake’s month. Take Care drops November 15th. Download Headlines.

  • drake montana? super lol

  • Vinnyc93

    yeahhhhh buddy

  • alexandra


  • genesis(;

    SexxyAss Beast!<33333333333

  • best video ever!

  • Salem Saleh


  • joselyn

    Come Rape Me!!

    (; i love you babe<3333

  • Queabetp

    ?drake! the video is amazing !

  • Alexandra<3

    drake Is Sexxy(; my #1 Babbyyyy<3333333333

  • Chelsea:)

    i love this video honey…..#teamdrizzydrake<3….

  • nice video ! Drake . I’m Proud! 

  • Nanaliberus

    uhh ihte hw diz sng gt my hubbyy ignoriin mhee :'( bt istil lyk yo sngz

  • Zirespo


  • Jamalbishop13

    ham luv dis song so much play it everii daii

  • amir reza

    this video is classic.Drake i love your songs.

  • Crystal

    I loved it!!!! Drake’s album will take care of the rest. ;)


  • Clarkmonae

    drake cute

  • Qc Dribbles

    I love drake! #teamdrizzy;#takecare;#ovoxo

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  • Coolkidsss

    What are those glasses hes wearin in this vid?

  • Too many words to describe his sexy Jewish ass :) lol

  • Cindis Bonilla

    Love this video I <3 you Drake

  • K’La Monae

    Im so happy it’s October already ! 10.24.11 !!



  • Jake poly

    yo, i dont know what to say.. Better than ever is not even the word to describe it. Drake is over the top..Respect to the big brother.

  • Darivaldy Reyes

    con to el brillo drake

  • YHOV

    CLASSIC N CLASSY SHIT……………………………………………………..OVOXFUCINO

  • Daliasky

    awesome video

  • Houston

    Take care ovoxo

  • Pwincess-Shan

    Best Video by far ?

  • Yvell

    the man has done it again…… i got that feelin this fall is drakes season …….

  • Yvell

    Drake when can we see a callabo with Usher …. or Meek Mills.

  • —-

    damm drizzy :$

  • they know don;t even l got like that … They know 

  • I loveee this Video ! Drake looks hotter than ever , i love how he looks in all his outfits and the Video is a GREAT overall! Love you always DRAKE cant wait to see you in concert that way i can be on stage with you ; ) lol LOVE THIS video

  • Boochimane17


  • Drake<3

    I love drake he is so sexyyyyy <333333

  • Dmt0016

    i love this video i’m so ready for take care  album 

  • Nena_hynson

    Loving the feeling that goes with the talent!!!

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    wow Drake u always make me gain more respect for u really so far gone now u takin off on everybody smh Drake get netter everytime I see him. Lookin like u really reallly feel comfatble now looks like u got more in tune with yo self and everything. All I say to Drake is keep up this up and one morning u gone wake up and notice u the greatest that ever did it and u really know what to say all the time and I can relate to more then most of the time nbfs! I <3 Drake it just seem like yo came out at the perfect time in us young ppl lives and yhats y everybody loves u. Drake is who I look up to. So now all I gotta do is wait until the day of October 24th 2011 smh I just wainting to get more and tone with hi
    And I'll lives will meet on that day

  • Dsain94

    Love this video Drake just get better & better everytime I here or see a new video of him. Love Drake music seems like he came out around the perfrect time for the young ppl thats y he get sooooo much love one day Drake u are going to wake up and realize u arew the greatest at wat u do sooner or later U are really SOFAR GONE from everybody else in the game  your life and mine are scheduled to meet on October 24…I wouldn’t miss it for the world

  • Flowersgregria

    i love this headlines song go #teamdrizzy drake


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  • Piura_

    I love Drake’s music, “Make Me Proud” is a hit but Nicki Minaj: U fucked up the song, make a remix and get get Nicki Out, jus Drake and the song will be perfect…

  • <3