Drake Falls On Stage In Birmingham And Recovers In A Roll

Drake Falls On Stage In Birmingham And Recovers In A Roll


Drake fell on stage while performing in Birmingham for his Club Paradise tour. Drizzy was performing his hit single Take Care when he mistepped and ended up falling backwards. No need to worry though, Drake played it off so nicely by doing one of those rolls you do on the ground when you were a kid lol Skip to 1:25 mark to see Drake’s roll skills in action.

  • ATL

    Awww… that was a cute fall though..lml

  • JeanetteClary

    That’s why I think Drizzy is so sexy. He played that off so smooth.LOL

  • beckie

    awhh i was there yesterday watching him and he played it off well good just added to it :)

  • lovedrake

    my i love drizzy soooo smooth lol!!!!

  • Swimmindude06

    hope your not hurt drake ily role model for life

  • That was a dope fall. ;)

  • Boots_Bae

    yo dat was sweet follow him on instagrammmmm im doing this song formy sargen routine for colorguard

  • Noemi_rivera14

    lmfaoooo awwww still did his thanggg ;D i love youuu drizzzy ^,*

  • Wwechick98

    Only Drake could play it off that well.

  • #teamDrake

    i fucking love him! lol
    aint he smooth??? (:

  • Melina

    Man, i fucken’ wish i could see Drake live.. That would be the day to complete my life.<3