Drake Discusses “Worst Behavior” Music Video With RevoltTV (Video)


Drake interviewed with RevoltTV about his latest music video “Worst Behavior”. Find out what Drake had to say in the video below.

“I grew up there, a lot of people look at me and talk a lot of sh-t about how they think I grew up and who they think I am and I get it, all the jokes and sh-t [but] it’s whatever, I let it roll off because I always figure like, I’m not a self-proclaimed type of guy.” He then continued saying, “I’m not gonna tell you what I been through. I will in my music but I’m not gonna sit here and plead with you to understand that I’m not some rich kid or some overly emotional guy or any more emotional than the next man, I’m actually a human being in touch with myself. I’m not here to tell you I’m the king of anything, I’m not here to tell you I’m the best and this video is kind of one of those moments where it’s like, I told you you’d understand one day.”