Drake Wants You To Know He Has Nothing But Love For Big...

Drake Wants You To Know He Has Nothing But Love For Big Sean [video]



Drake performed “Headlines” for the first time onstage in Windsor, Canada last night, but Drizzy also had an announcement to make:

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on….but I’ma let you know since my people from Detroit are in the building…before I do this record…My first show ever I shared the stage with this kid, this dude that I love a lot, got a lot of respect for, and I’ma let you know, Big Sean is my n—a!”

but it did sound more like ”I-own-no whut duh fug iz gowin own…..” What makes GREAT is the actual fan-cameraman. His personal dialogue with Drake is epic!

Watch the video and you’ll soon understand.

  • Jesse Gober

    It takes alot of respect for a person to do what Drake just did

  • Yachikablanks

    Yes, I was at the concert. I was really excited to see him. I had no idea, that Drake has such a fun personality, though! It was cool going across the border to Canada to see him perform

  • Iwasthere

    Luv Drake! Was at the concert as well. Def brings this fun personality just so much energy going around, is real and well preety easy on the eyes :P . Would def go see him again. So surreal seeing him right in front doing his thing and showing the luv for Windsor and The D. sick night thank you dRrizzyyyy. Tho preety sure didn’t spot me singing every word in the cluster of girls  lol and dancing right in front  thanks for making everyone feel special that night. Hope you come to Windsor again

  • Julian

    Lol the cameraman thought he was gonna say Justin Beiber. Smh

  • Ureal

    Hell Yeah Drake Is real Man!!!!!

  • Theoriginal1258

    Best Rapper Ever Drake

  • Mia

    LMAO did y’all hear the camera man singing LOL