Drake Announces the Starting Lineup for the Raptors on Air Canada Centre’s...

Drake Announces the Starting Lineup for the Raptors on Air Canada Centre’s Drake Night

drake night

Drake took the microphone at the Air Canada Centre recently, and since it was Drake Night at the venue no one was surprised to see the Canadian crooner. Instead of performing Hotline Bling, the latest hit by Drizzy and a very popular tune already, the singer announced the starting line up for the Raptors and the crowd loved every minute. As Drizzy announced each one of the starting players he included some one liners that threw some shade and amused the crowd. Drake managed to get a jab in right from the start with his announcement of Raptors player C Bismack Biyombong, Drake told the excited crowd “From the Democratic Republic of Congo, a 6’9″ centre who accused LeBron of wearing a fake mustache, number 8, Bismack Biyombo!” Everyone who attended the game received a free t-shirt with a Drake theme.

Some were surprised at the performance and thought that Drake could have done better when this lineup announcement was made. There are people who pointed out that the announcement last year was better. Raptor fans were very excited at the appearance of Drake though, and the team must have been pumped as well because they went on to whip the Cleveland Cavaliers with a final score of 103-99. Video of the starting lineup announcement by Drake for 2014 and 2015 can be found online.