Drake and Weezy Top 5 Collaborations

Drake and Weezy Top 5 Collaborations


Drake premiered his latest video, “Miss Me,” on Thursday. After dropping his first two singles, “Over” and “Find Your Love,” the Toronto lyricist decided to deliver a collaborative effort on this round, teaming up with his mentor, Lil Wayne. And as this clip shows, from mixtape offerings to Young Money posse cuts and beyond, the pair have proven adept at trading rhymes on the same track. Earlier this year, Drake even confirmed he and Weezy would work on a joint LP together.

Before that project arrives, MTV News went back through their work to present Drake and Lil Wayne’s top 5 collabos thus far.

“Miss Me”:
Drizzy and Weezy have undeniable chemistry on the Toronto lyricist’s latest single, “Miss Me.” The two get down to the science of the matter (get it, chemistry?) and depict a triumphant nod to the presence of one MC (Drake) and the graceful bowing out of another (a soon-to-be-incarcerated Lil Wayne).

“Damn, I’ll be gone ’til November,” Wayne spits over the horn-laden track. “But f— it, I ain’t tripping, I know Drizzy gonna kill ’em/ I’m sticking to the script like lint on denim/ Mama said if the rules ain’t bent, don’t bend them.”

“Ignant Sh–“:
Young Angel (Drake) and Young Lion (Lil Wayne) go toe to toe on this So Far Gone mixtape number, and after trading verses with each other on previous mixtape offerings like “Ransom” and “Man of the Year,” Drake finally matches his mentor’s otherworldly talent on this Jay-Z/ Just Blaze-jacked track from Hov’s American Gangster project.

“The same n—as I ball with, I fall with, on some Southern drawl sh–,” Drake raps before throwing to Wayne. “Rookie of the Year, ’06, Chris Paul sh–.”

This record put Drake on the map, and although the pairing was uneven at the time, Wayne’s eye-opening rhymes about former flame and controversial music video model Karrine Steffans put the spotlight on this number and subsequently on Drizzy, who later justified the extra attention with his breakout mixtape, So Far Gone.

“Yeah, I am headed for the buck like buck, buck again,” Wayne raps over the buoyant track. “Might fly to L.A. and just f— Karrine/Nah, f— Karrine/ Let’s get bucks again/ and f—ing spend/ Them bucks and then/ Just f— Karrine.”

“My Darling Baby”:
This unreleased gem is heavy on the drums and a wailing soul sample as the Young Money duo push up on the ladies like an exercise workout, from Lil Wayne’s proposal offerings to Drake’s lustful boasts.

“Yeah, so sweet, she bad for me/ But she so good I’ll take the cavity/ Falling for her like how safe is gravity/ I make your girl about-face and marry me, I do,” Wayne raps before making way for Drake.

“But uh, the things I’m willing to do to her/ I wish I could have a threesome with two of her/ I would sing a love song if I knew the words/ But I be damned if another n—a do it first, ’cause you the one,” Drake says, picking up from Weezy.

The pair’s most (pun alert!) successful collaboration to date, with an assist from Trey Songz, this brooding So Far Gone offering showcased Drake as a peer to Wayne for the first time, as the then-upstart set the make-it-or-break-it tone of the track by anchoring the first and second verses before Wayne hung his hat on the production and closed things out.

“This Lost Boy got fly without Peter Pan/ And my delivery just got me buzzing like the pizza man,” Drake raps. “In person I’m everything and more/ I’m everywhere these other niggas never been before. But inside I’m treading water, steady trying to swim to shore/ I’m on a shopping spree to get whatever is in store.”

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