Drake And DJ Khaled Talk Kiss The Ring Album (Video)

Drake And DJ Khaled Talk Kiss The Ring Album (Video)


Drake and DJ Khaled chime in on Khaled’s upcoming album Kiss The Ring. Watch the clip below of the two talking about the new album, as well as Drake co-signing that this album is something to look out for. Remember when Khaled and Drake teamed up for “I’m On One”… Well this might just get crazy.


    Take It To The Heaad ^_^

  • Drake is so ADORABLE!

  • Swimmindude06

    ily drake

  • Tony

    Drake should have been on “Take It To The Head” over Nicki Minaj.She sucks & she only ruined the song, if anything.Drake would have been the perfect option for that.It’d be the sequel to “I’m On One”.lol


    Wait got a tuck you in night cap for your ass.  you pick the song you want the comment on because all jokes aside its gonna knock you out…. strike battta batta batta strike.  LMAO you love me I know.