Drake and Big Sean Wrestled Over “All Me” Beat (Video)

Drake and Big Sean Wrestled Over “All Me” Beat (Video)



Drake dropped a new track a couple of days ago titled “All Me“, but you might have not known that Big Sean wanted to use that songs on his album too. Big Sean didn’t an interview with MTV where he explains the entire story below.

“[Drake] records a lot at his house in L.A., and I was recording in L.A. for Hall of Fame, so we’ll kick it and exchange music,” Sean told MTV News of how the track came together. “Key Wane had that beat, and it was funny because I wanted to use it for Hall of Fame and [Drake] wanted to use the beat too.”

“I had done a verse to [Key’s beat] and didn’t know [Drake] did a song to it,” the Detroit rapper explained. He went on to add that it was Key Wane who encouraged him to send his verse since Drake really wanted to lock it down for Nothing Was the Same.

“I sent him the verse and [Drake’s] like, ‘You bodied this sh–.’ Then we had the song forever,” Sean said. “He was like, ‘I already did my verse and 2 Chainz did his verse but we’ve gotta get the right chorus,’ and that took a while. But everything happened at the right time.”

“I love doing songs like that, or ‘Clique,’ different songs that can showcase my ability for different rhyme schemes,” Sean said. “I’m having fun and that very first line — that’s what you feel like saying to some people. I don’t know how many times a day I roll around feeling like, ‘H–, shut the f— up!’ ” That’s just real.”