Classic: Drake Krumping With T-rexx

Classic: Drake Krumping With T-rexx


This is an old school joint of Drake and T-rexx showing their Krumping skills. lol Funny video to watch. Anyone want to challenge T-rexx and Yella? haha

  • ilDrizzy

    lol this was fukN great ta watch..made my night. “chris dark brown” haha t-rexx is ah fool..hilarious! drake looks so damn always ;)

  • Bea

    this was awesome..and hilarious. I wanna see it go homo (: !!!

  • drake is so hott thee smile is so cute.. lol

  • jUE

    lls who knew Drake cud crumpp xP

  • Nazia ??? Tariq

    Absolutely HiLaRiouS!!!!!!!!……made my day lol!….

  • faye

    this actually made me laugh so hard, i was almost in tears.. omg, i know this is so overrated and oversaid but, let me tell you, aubrey, you are so sexy. =P

  • DTalbert

    That throw back from youtube

  • lol

    He’s krumping with 40 too.

  • Tashell Burnett

    wow cant believe how late I am seeing this, it is too funniii
    nice to know he’s a regular person too and not a bung hole rapper
    like sime can be. He has a really goofy side and me like it LOL
    I LUV DRAKE :)