Born To Be: Drake (MuchMusic Documentary)

Born To Be: Drake (MuchMusic Documentary)


Exclusive Drake documentary air last week on MuchMusic and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Tell us what you think of “Born To Be: Drake” MuchMusic Documentary. Drizzy has the rap world in his hands right now, which makes him on his way to the throne. Part 2 of Drake’s documentary after the jump.

  • DRAKE is so good at what he do man. He’s really going to end up being the best artist of all time… sooner or later

  • im right there with you on that i fell he is gonna be the best to ever do it because hes my favorite i swear i love his music

  • PDubb

    He already is the best!

  • pria

    drizzy i cant u got me in a daaze

  • Cindis Bonilla

    Drake is a great rapper he’s the king and he deserve it I Love you Drake :)

  • SymoneilyDrake

    ahhhhhhhhhh lovvvved itt!!!! he IS the best rapper alive! his music moves me in a way i can’t explain! i LOVE YOU AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM !!!!!!!