Black Jeopardy with Drake – SNL (Watch Video)

When Drake hosted Saturday Bight Live recently the rapper from Toronto took part in a Black Jeopardy skit on the show, playing the part of contestant Jared in the hilarious scenario. Darnell Hayes was the host of the game show and Drizzy was wearing dreadlocks. In fact Drake was anything but himself in the skit and he bantered back in forth with Hayes about being a black Canadian. Categories for the skit included Oh Snap, White People, In My House, and others. During the skit Drake gets every question wrong and can not answer even basic questions about black culture and black media, instead acting like a white person who knows nothing about being African American at all. Prizes that the contestants could win included imaginary products top foil and Oven Heat.

At one point Hayes tells Jared that no good rap has ever come from Canada, and then Drake asks about himself while staying in character. Hayes pretends like he has never heard of the 6 god rapper at all. The entire skit is hilarious and is a must see for any Drake fan. Watch Below