Behind Scenes At Drake’s “The Motto” Music Shoot

Behind Scenes At Drake’s “The Motto” Music Shoot


Some behind the scenes footage was taken of Drake’s shoot of “The Motto”. Check it out after the jump. It’s not official footage, more like guerrilla footage.

  • Real Talk

    the two behind the camera are shitting on wayne hahaha “that nigga ugly”

  • who is the stupid bitch talking

  • Davie

    nice cant wate for the video!!! but the bitch talk too much !!!

  • Boywonder

    aye whoever saidd this “gay ass pants” Im tellinnqq yuu right now whenn ii see yuu imaa kickk yo ass weezy dew wtf he want tewhh dew yuu feel mee dont brinnqq that shit aroundd us
    #YMCMB all day

  • cant wait

  • Meme

    uuggh! the person recordind needed to CTFU’ like n im mad she called drake “aubrey” like really by his real name FOH’!

  • Kaila


    • Lavezzari57

      it was a supreme edition of it

  • Mrs Jessie_baby1

    OMG I just freakin love Drake he is my love everytime I see his face I can feel it. He is so silly I just <3 <3 <3 him <3 Forever, Ever, and Always Jessie