Beanie Sigel Disses Drake & Jay-Z…What’s His Deal?

Beanie Sigel Disses Drake & Jay-Z…What’s His Deal?


Beanie Sigel is still beefing with Jay-Z? What’s wrong with this guy… He is still talking about Jay-Z doing him wrong and he even goes on to say he will smack Drake. What you think? Since Drake is selling tons of records I wouldn’t be surprised that Beanie Sigel and Lil Kim team up together…

  • uhm! he has the nerve. get em drake?

  • Doll

    This mess is why I don’t support most rap. Other than Kanye and JayZ and Drake now, I wouldn’t spend one cent on a rap cd. People wanna clown Drake saying he not real hip hop, well damn real hip hop if all it is is some broke hungry fool threatening people just to get shine.

    Drake already put himself in one situation he should’ve stayed out of so no don’t get em cuz this fool ain’t right in the head. He’s going at Drake cuz he’s new and he knows he won’t respond.

    Drake concentrate on you and what you need to do. Funny ain’t these “beefs” just what Jay was saying in Light Up.

  • Doll

    Another thing, How is Kim gonna team up with Beanie when she is tryna to (or has) signed with the person Beanie is really pissed at? Talk about conflict of interest.

  • Thabang big daddy magadze

    Take him down drrrrrrre…feat nicki lol.

  • So unnecessary for him to call Drake out. Only reason he called him out is because Drake is successful. If Beanie was really concerned about his career, he would be busy in the studio working on something & not making a video calling people out. But whatever makes him happy, I guess.

  • Cigs

    hahaha. i know im late on this but yall are idiots. GET EM BEANS!!!! leave em headless. real cats know whats good.

  • Flowersgregria

    this man so sad but he ga slapp drake dont do it slap your self not drake honey  real men do real thing .And this guy so feark coming on the net to dish drake really like drake  say they say its on when they see me but they dont never come am never scared they never real i never run  .please dont do it and get a life

  • KK