Aubrey “Drake” Graham Stars In “Us & Them”

Aubrey “Drake” Graham Stars In “Us & Them” [video]


Aubrey “Drake” Graham stars on “Us & Them”. If you don’t remember, Drake was suppose to be one of the cast members of “Us & Them”, but Drake declined because he wanted to further his career in music. Either way they released the pilot online finally. Check out the entire pilot after the jump, let us know what you think of Drake’s acting…

  • Cherish

    LOlls im rollin drake is O2 funny in a non-chalant wayy

  • That car dealership is at

    Eglinton Ave 3128-3130
    Toronto? Ontario? M1J 2H1

    It was closed down bout 3 years ago, and it looks good then so this could be more then 3 years old my niggz

  • Haha, I loooove it! Drake’s a great actor and so funny.

  • ChynaDoll

    lol… he’s so much better at comedy!!! he really should switch over. and he’s so hot when he smiles… =) *googly eyed*

  • Chyllmatic

    Drake’s acting is good … I just wanna know those underground tracks he made. They sound FRESH.

    • Cherish

      all those songs are from his early mixtapes

  • COOL!!!

  • that was kool lol I never saw that it was funny aswell


    i actually saw this a while ago but it never gets old…I love the part at the beginnig when Drake cursed out old dude cuz he came in his room to early!!! LOL!!!!

  • shertara

    i love drake when he smile

  • hahahahaah!! loved it..

  • brandee ;-*

    lmaoo , this is soo funny ; i lovee aubrey drakee ghram<333

  • brandee ;-*

    opppss . graham ****

  • sharon woodford

    This is too funny! I love the part where the lame guy calls Drake Audrey. Two thumbs up. * Aries Planet