A$AP Rocky Shows Support For Drake In Recent MTV Interview


A$AP Rocky recently spoke with MTV about their ‘Top Ten Hottest MC’s In The Game’ list that aired a couple weekends ago. Like many others, Rocky wasn’t feeling their list very much, when asked what artist he listens to A$AP Rocky was quick to respond Drizzy.

“Drizzy killin it! Started From The Bottom Now We Here. Bodied that, ya’ll know he bodied that…My son not playing.”

If you recall, A$AP Rocky was a part of Drake’s Club Paradise tour last year and also collaborated with Drizzy on his hit single Fuckin’ Problems. Watch the short video below, or skip to the 4 minute mark for the part that he talks about Drake.

  • ndivho

    Drizzy is tha ish i’m a big fan O.V.O

  • theo


    • theo

      miss o.v.o.x.o all the way bbe.