Aaliyah Had The Biggest Impact On Drake’s Music

Aaliyah Had The Biggest Impact On Drake’s Music [video]


Drake talks to SoulCulture TV about the impact Aaliyah Dana Houghton has made on his music career. Drake also wishes the R&B princess a happy birthday, which would be her 32nd birthday. “Aside from that,” he adds, “she just made phenomenal music and she was beautiful and she was a girl that I fell in love with early in my life – I feel like if she was still here I would probably be pursuing her in a major way, you know, because I was truly in love with her very early on.” Video after the jump.

  • SimplyDrake

    so cute<3

  • I agree with everything he said and Drake is like the female version of Aaliyah

  • Sarah loves drizzy baby

    That’s so beautiful, I totally agree drizzy, she was the biggest role model for me growin up I still love & adore her & her music till today she will never be forgotten & will always be missed…
    R.I.p baby girl Aaliyah <3

  • bree

    he is so right woman do make overly emotional music when I get famous my music probaly will never be that way but I should never say never

  • bree

    I Like that he raps and sings oh and he used to act he’s molty talented

  • gaby

    I love you so much drake

  • Crystal

    Aaliyah is truly missed. She had the voice of an angel. R&B nowadays is lacking what she brought to it. R.I.P. Baby girl! Luv you Drake,

  • Tennis1993carine

    Be Strong Drake. We all go through ups and downs in life but don’t let it bring u down but only make u stronger.  To tell the truth, i had so many ups and downs and if someone told me today i will be stronger then ever, i would have never believed it.