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August 2011

@fatbellybella Just me and low down loretta brown

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BunBTrillOG Proclamation http://t.co/NmBQl6r

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youngturksrec Jamie xx essential mix for radio 1. Listen here: http://t.co/fNpSTlt

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I hope everybody in LA comes to Supper Club Saturday night…it shall be too turnt up my friends. Too turnt up indeed. ovoxo

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Congrats to Snoop!!! A true LEGEND. I had so much fun tonight!

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24 24 24 24 24 24 24…Take Care

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RIP Baby Girl…in my ear at every show letting me know the next move I should make. Love you.

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Say yes or no cause I’m on the road…………wait a minute my battery’s low.

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lamarXO aw yea, aw yea…

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The rep grows bigga.

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NipseyHussle And she will…..yeah.

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I love lists…to do lists, top 10 lists…any type of list is entertaining to me

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Swangin Wide.

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Me and @ovo40 are so proud of @2chainz man. Real shit.

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Pretty girls make graves.

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welcomeOVO ~OVOFEST 2011~: http://t.co/TCA0MN3

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Aftermarket bezels on a presidential :(

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Are you free when I’m free?

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staceyfarber18 Saturday night in the studio with @drakkardnoir… Love. http://t.co/h8G3Z38

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prezzidaboss S/O @drakkardnoir @OVONiko @mark_rsnl for the rollerblading at the Rinx

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That’s that north north…that up top…that ovo…and that xo

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You could have the cars the clothes the jewels the sex the house…baby you could be a star. The lonely star.

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theweekndxo http://t.co/3AWRz0V … hold that

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@chasencashe beat on Take Care is……………….fuck its good. That’s my brother real deal down to the last meal.

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BIRDMAN5STAR They know tha realesst on tha rise fuck them otha guys.OVO.YMCMB.We Tha Busine$$

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Wednesday is just the day before Thursday. But on Thursday…

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Accept that some days you’re the pigeon
And some days you’re the statue.

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KiNG_tee94 #jobsdrakehadbeforebecomingarapper pillow: “if you gotta leave work ill be right here in the same bed that you left me in” @drakkardnoir

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_BlackStewie #JobsDrakeHadBeforeBecomingARapper psychologist- “i said telllllll meeeeeeeeee, what’s really going on”

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itskrossbaby #jobsdrakehadbeforebecomingarapper FBI “Girl I gotta watch my back, cuz I’m not just anybody”

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MulaFameMryJane #jobsdrakehadbeforebecomingarapper
: Politician “all I care about is money and the city that I’m from.”

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realmikey #jobsdrakehadbeforebecomingarapper a viagra salesman “i aint went this hard since I was 18”

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@tyrabanks in Higher Learning and “All I Ask Of You”. Deja and that song were my life at one point.

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VALgabond Toasting to @serenawilliams win! Ahhhhhhhhh! :)))))

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“We never listen unless it comes with a 808” - Kendrick

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NebbyNeb Slow it down one time.

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she pop x i smoke o’s that’s tic tac toe…xo.

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chillygonzales Feist Feist Feist

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@BIRDMAN5STAR In the studio listening to that B-32…all respects to the general. YMCMB

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WelcomeOVO Drake Headlines Now Available on Itunes http://t.co/vTzNvDN

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Sorry junior. I already ruined ya.

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officialjaden #MarvinsRoom

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ATFhush This just in… She wont… Until the coast is clear. Then she will. Over to you Bob…

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@officialkat Watermelon fiend.

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I need you too.

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You need me.

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No ice cream sound…my sound.

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I’ll take alcohol over dessert…anyday. Grappa shots if you’re down with the team.

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Maybe she won’t…but shit then again maybe she will.

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@Nelly_Mo That my friend…is a bet.

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@Nelly_Mo Alright we’ll put 50k on it. But I also want an original silver/yellow Vokal jersey…signed by you and framed when Hollow wins.

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@serenawilliams I cannot wait to put it on you and make you sweat……….during our match this weekend.

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I’m looking for somebody who’s gonna be somebody.

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She say sex ain’t the only way to solve it…well lets solve it.

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MeekMill Someone told me I fell off “ouuuu” I needed dat!!! #motivation #drizzy

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