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April 2009

BGSU…we did that together…great show

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She got problems…and she say sex aint the only way to solve em…well lets solve em - Boosie

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In the airport sippin that G Roberson aka that G2 aka that morning after…I was throwed last nite

NYC was amazing

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@mousebudden Tell Tahiry that was in my fortune cookie tonight

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@mousebudden Sex is not the answer…sex is the question…”yes” is the answer

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Young Angel and Young Hova

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Spending every moment in the studio…

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Old money…Benjamin Button…it’s nothin

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Someone said “clean as a whistle” today…whats really clean about a whistle?

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@SongzYuuup But at least I wasn’t there to be caught on film staring awkwardly at you.

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@SongzYuuup If you have a performance shot on a motorcycle in your video I am officially allowed to laugh…

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@4letterword Not sure yet…but she’s gonna have to be Mexican.

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Me and 40 eating like slumdogs in the airport…Salim and Jamal

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@ThaBizness I am in New Mexico…doing it as big as it can done in Al Bah Kirk E

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@azooooka Cant u have it sunday? lol…thats when we get back off tour

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@benballer haha I just wrote that in a verse the other day…

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Drizzy Drake…Furt Name Lat Name…Gnometombot

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New Mexico, Chicago, Detroit…then the album begins.

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Worst flight ever…Hawaii to Omaha…depressing

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@OVONiko I drank two bottles of champagne to myself on the beach with CJ and 40 (Pawws) and I ran into the ocean with my phone in pocket

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@djlissamonet Miss u too dawg! I been away so long

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@MissKeriBaby Yeezy coming out on ur set was mindblowing by the way

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@surfclubhit Yessir…u good? I’m waiting till this tour is done so we can begin this madness!

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Now who will I take…keith…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Tpain. I’M ON A BOAT!

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@RadioKilla The best nigga doing it…msg me if you see this.

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Flights out, flights back…my uncle always say I’m on the right track

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@vanessaveasley Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.

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