Take Care Album of The Year & Next

Take Care Album of The Year & Next

I think that Take Care is going to be the album of this year and NEXT year. In my point of view I love it. I pre-ordered it a couple weeks ago and listened to some of the songs on youtube. I think you are an amazing rapper, I know you don’t think you are and that you really want to grow but if you get any better, you will be unstoppable. Take Care is amazing because its like your reading your life story to us and you go way in depth with how you tell it. That’s what I/we like about you, you rap/sing about life itself! All the other rappers are all sex and drugs but you rap about everything! Theres no saying when you’ll stop because nobody wants to see you to. I think your an amazing rapper, my favorite. I have been a Drake fan ever since the first time they were talking about you on the radio about your song “Best I Ever Had” they played the part where you say “And who told you to put them jeans on” about how it was a dirty song and at that time I was like 10 but I still remember that. I’m that guy that will spend an hour reading about you, reading your question and answers, watching “Better Than Good Enough” and every time Degrassi is on I watch it just to see if your on it and having your songs as my most played on my Ipod.

Over my Dead Body – I love how in this song your rapping but with a piano in for the beat. I personally love your quotes like “Jealously is just love and hate at the same time” I love how you take a topic like Jealously and explain it in a way that nobody could, I still dont understand the last like 5 sec but besides that I love the song. 4.5 Stars

Look What You’ve Done – In my opinion, best.. song.. EVER! I feel that this song will be around for awhile. I love you tell how your life was before fame and that you knew what you were gonna be. And after all the bad times your still doing it! I love how you explain 3 people in the song and the last about 30 sec when your grandma talks is very sad and touching. 5 Stars

Shot for Me – At first I didnt really like it, but as it kept going it started to rub off and now I like it, again you rap about your life thats what we, as in your fans love about you, you can rap and sing and if you throw both of those together its going to be an amazing song. 3.7 Stars

Practice – Some what of a sex song but its still amazing, your rapping in this is the best and you change from rapping to singing fast which sounds the best. The thing with your music is, that I can relate to any of these songs as a 14 year old! Which only means that you rap about real shit. 3.9 Stars

The Ride – I have never heard “The Weekend” before but in this song they sound good. I said this before but in order to have the best song, you need rap and some singing in it. I like some of the longer songs like this song, it just gives you more time to enjoy listening to you. The song isnt like your others but its still good. 4 Stars.

HYFR – You went crazy on the beat, Wayne did to sounds like one of your old songs like Ransom or somthing but its still good. Although this song is good I still like songs like Look What You’ve Done more but it is better than what most can do. 4 Stars

The Real Her – Real Shit. You did more singing in it and Wayne did more Rappin which I think makes to a best song, when you put singing and rapping into a song. I feel that although you did good, you could do better. But you still did amazing, I didnt really like Andres part but whatever. 4 Stars

Doing It Wrong – I feel that this song is good at some parts but bad at other parts, the words in the song could be better designed or worded. But the story behind the words is a good story. 3.8 Stars

Cameras – One word. AMAZING. You sound like you tryed to do some Wayne type of voice but its still amazing. I dont know what you have to go through to make such good raps but whatever you did have to go through, it paid off. This song I think is 1 of the top 5 songs on the album. 4 Stars.

Lord Knows – I personally don’t really like this song but its decent. Not every song can be a hit. This I feel is just one of those. I feel that a couple of things could be different with this song, like how loud the back ground music is. Another is switching Rick Rosses part to something better. 3 Stars

We’ll Be Fine – Really Good, I feel that this is also a top 5 song. A song that it’s like “Howd you think of this?” like its so unusual, but I guess only the best can think of those type of songs. I feel that the lyrics are what pulls this song together with the help of the instrumental. 4.2 Stars

Underground Kings – Its a song that doesnt really seem like you would rap, it seems more like a Wayne thing so I dont really like you rapping it. Other than that though its still a good song. Not in the top 5 but close! 3.6 Stars

Take Care – First thought was that it started out good and kept getting better. I didnt really like the beat but it didnt bother me much. I usually dont like Rihanna but she did good in this song. 4 Stars

Crew Love – I think you and The Weeknd cannot make a bad song. This song is really good. I like just about everything about this song. I think only a couple of words could be different but it was really good. 4.4 Stars
– @Big_Head_Ben

Take Care available on Amazon and iTunes.