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The Top 25 Best Drake Songs of All Time

I’ve heard all these songs before, but it’s only after life happens that songs start to talk to you, and have relevance. They are the songs that you can’t help but close your eyes to—the songs that are so beautiful, so alive, so longing, so emotional, that you feel the true transcendent power of art: what George Steiner calls “the most ‘ingressive’, trans-formative summons available to human experiencing.”

This was the hardest list for me to compile. Even though there is more to come in the future, these are the best of the best for now. Some songs were hard to leave out, but in the end these were your choices.

25.) Drake – “Fireworks, feat. Alicia Keys”

Fireworks reminds me of the feeling you get when you step out on your own, or try something new for the first time. It arouses emotions in your heart similar to when you fall in love, or brings out the kind of smile that lights up your face, when you realize that the dream of which you once spoke has become the reality that you are living. Alicia Keys’s voice adds the perfect touch.

24.) Drake – “Closer to My Dreams”

This is surely a joint that could hold its own in a club or in constant playback mode on your own CD player. Drake offers up a refreshing effort with lush harmonies, creative instrumentation and ingenious lyricism.

23.) Drake – “Free Spirit”

Doesn’t get any better than this! Drake’s got an awesome style and great sound on this track. I highly recommend this to any fans of neo-soul, R&B, and certain hip hop listeners as well. The track is a smooth, catchy, and overall excellent listen.

22.) Drake – “Houstonatlantavegas”

One of Drake’s classics. Houstonatlantavegas is a soothing incredible song. Drake has one of the best producers by his side, Noah “40” Shebib.

21.) Drake – “Fear”

As a listener you are required to become reflective. Even if you do not like the music you WILL walk away with an understanding of self. And if not with an understanding, than surely with questions. “Fear” is inspiring, revealing, honest, and real.