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Drake’s First Stage Performance 2010

Drake hasn’t done a show since 2009, since he injured his knee. Well he’s all better now and he’s performing again! On February 3rd, Drake will be making his first performance of 2010 at the Virginia Commonwealth University Homecoming with Tanya Morgan. This is not your club appearance type of setup, it’s the real deal!

Who knows, he might even debut something new from the upcoming “Thank Me Later” album released later this year. Stay tuned for a list of tour dates  and ticket purchase details.

Drake “My New” featuring Von Pea & Phonte produced by Nottz

“My New” featuring Von Pea & Phonte produced by Nottz | Download

“Angela Yee Interview” (Drake mentions Tanya Morgan)

Drake says, “Phonte was originally on it, then I told him Von would kill this beat, so we had Von spit on it aswell.” Too bad this never came out. I love this song. I posted the interview where he name drops Tanya Morgan to be on ‘Comeback Season’ for everyone that doesn’t believe these collabos were real. ‘My New’ was actually supposed to be an album joint pre-weezy. By the way, Tha Bizness just blogged their collabo and leaked it themselves…