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T-Minus Speaks About Producing On Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Album –

Complex Magazine caught up with Toronto producer T-Minus (born Tyler Williams), to discuss his involvement on Drake‘s sophomore album, Take Care.

“I talk to Drake on a regular basis. Man, I’ve known Drake from a long time ago. I’ve known him since “Replacement Girl” days, me and Boi-1da produced that. But what happened was, because me and Boi-1da weren’t working that much together, and because Boi-1da was so close to Drake, we didn’t really get to talk as much. But about three months ago, we kind of hooked back up in L.A., and he invited me onto Take Care. We’re all working on his album; me, 40, and Boi-1da.

“I was just in the studio for three days in Toronto with Drake and T-Pain, trying to come up with some records. Drake just went on tour, so when he gets back we’re probably going to get back in the studio to do some more work. But his album is a work in progress. [The other day] I was up for 24 hours because we were at the studio the entire night.

“The new songs were a mix of [rapping and singing]. He actually just did a record in the studio with 40, and man it sounded crazy. It was more of a R&B record, and T-Pain was on it as well, but man, when that finished product comes out it’s going to be nuts. Right now, there’s no true direction [for Take Care]. I couldn’t tell you whether it’s going to be a lot of singing, or a lot of rapping, or a little of both. Right now it’s still fresh. I think he’s probably going to drop like in the fall, possibly October. But I’m not too sure.”

Drake Wants Take Care To ‘Speak For My Generation’

Drake has a few things on his plate as he wraps up the year, from finishing his highly anticipated R&B mixtape to working on his sophomore album, Take Care.

With all of his success the past 12 months, however, the Toronto star is making sure his music remains relatable to his fans. That’s the position he’s taking for Take Care, as he explained during an appearance on Shade 45’s morning show.

“Take Care is it’s own mission,” Drake told host Elliott Wilson. “I’m really going back to the So Far Gone where, first of all, as much as the label and people are fighting me, I’m not doing 14 songs, ’cause it doesn’t give me enough. I want to do interludes, transitions and different moments. I have an overabundance. I’ve never had this many raps.”

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