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So Far Gone Honor Means The World To Drake

“So Far Gone being named the Mixtape of the Year means a lot to me,” Drake said in Toronto. “It was a risk we all took as a team to put out a mixtape that I’m exploring so many different genres of music — from the Santigolds to the Lykke Lis to Peter Bjorn and Johns, to even myself going from rapping to doing records that sound like old Jodeci songs. It was a mix of all the things that make up my character, and for people to embrace it the way they did and for MTV to name it the top mixtape of 2009 means the world to me.”

For the first time ever, Drake goes in-depth about some of his and everyone else’s favorite tracks on the tape. Joints He Checked For

» “Uptown” (featuring Lil Wayne and Bun B). “It was one of the later records,” Drake explained. “That was when I felt like the mixtape was moving a little too slow and it needed some energy. It gave me another chance to really just rap. I love to rap and say witty, clever things that people can say in the club. I like to give people that opportunity. When I heard the beat, I came up with this saying, ‘It’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK.’ And at the time I wasn’t home, so I was like, ‘You can run and tell my city I’m on.’ It became this chant. Initially that wasn’t even the hook. Wayne had the hook that was part of his verse. That’s why it’s called ‘Uptown.’ He was like, ‘I’m so uptown.’ Then we took that out and made the hook [heard on the mixtape]. Bun getting on there was exciting. Produced by Boi-1da — I thought it was the one. That record means a lot for me.”

» “Unstoppable” (featuring Lil Wayne and Santigold). “Me and Oliver were into the Santigold record. ‘Starstruck’ was one of my favorite records. And ‘Unstoppable,’ the beat, it needed to be rapped on by somebody. I always try to do something with Wayne. Everyone has heard Wayne spit, but when Wayne’s put in an awkward situation, he goes off and shines in that atmosphere. So I had given him the beat, and at first he probably heard it and was like, ‘This is weird.’ A month later, I got this verse in my e-mail back. I did my verse and we found a way to edit it together — 40 did his surgery. It became a record that moved. On the So Far Gone Tour it was my favorite record to perform.

» “A Night Off” (featuring Lloyd). ” ‘A Night Off’ is my favorite song on the mixtape. It came from just … the song right before it is ‘Ignant Sh–’ with Wayne. It was such an exhausting song, rap-wise. We rapped for so long, it was so much to digest. I was like, ‘Man, after you hear that song, it would be so ill to just go into a slow jam.’ At the time it was some girl probably had hit me up like, ‘You never have any time. All I need is for you to take a night off.’ I saw that written on my phone. I was like, ‘A night off. That’s a crazy concept.’ Especially for anybody that works. You could be doing [any job] — to take a night off for somebody means the world. It was sexy and it made women feel special. That’s what I like to do. Lloyd with his higher voice showcased two types of tones. I love that song and girls really like it, which is the best thing in the world.”

» “Bria’s Interlude” (featuring Omarion). “I was smitten over this girl from L.A. and I started writing a song about her. A lot of the R&B [I do] is really based off women that come into my life and inspire me to speak to them in song and say what I never would expose on just a talking level.”

NY Times 2009 Best Pop List, Drake Claimed The #1 Spot!

1. DRAKE “So Far Gone” (mixtape; octobersveryown.net) It’s not interesting because it’s a self-released mixtape, or because he’s a former Canadian child actor, though knowing those things makes the achievement of this record that much more impressive and unlikely. It’s that Drake is an architecturally precise rapper and a plaintive singer all in one, a combination others have tried and failed at. More important, it’s that this collection of songs about fame and love, and how the two don’t play well together, is cocksure but still poignant.

Drake Has Arrived, Not So Far Gone!

Most successful pop musicians will eventually make a song or even a full album about the drawbacks of fame and fortune. Drake is a little unusual. He tackled the subject even before his debut album was done.

What might have looked like hubris in someone else, however, turned into prophesy for the 23-year-old Toronto singer, actor and rapper. Since the beginning of 2009, Drake has become hip hop’s new golden boy. His mix tape So Far Gone was one of the hottest music releases on the Internet this year, his single Best I Ever Had became a No. 1 hit last summer, and he’s competing for two Grammy Awards against the likes of Eminem, Jay-Z and Kanye West. All this, and Drake still hasn’t finished making his first album.

“I had one of the craziest years of my life, maybe one of the craziest years in hip hop for any new artist,” he said, sprawled on a distressed leather sofa in the prime downtown condo he bought last summer but has only recently had time to furnish. The decor – mostly hardwood, leather and sisal – is understated and frankly male. The view is easily worth a million or two, and seems to confirm that the multilabel bidding war that erupted around Drake last summer ended very much in his favour. (The winner, Motown Universal, released an EP of “extended-play selections” from So Far Gone in September.)

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Drake Ranks On MTV’s “Men Of Year Coutdown” 09′

Drake’s rise to superstardom was one of the biggest stories of 2009. From his humble beginnings as Jimmy Brooks on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” Drizzy (born Aubrey Graham) took the hip-hop world by storm, thanks to the success of his So Far Gone mixtape and subsequent partnership with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. Drake collaborated with the biggest names in the game, was co-signed by everyone from Bun B to Kanye, and didn’t let a little thing like tearing the ligaments in his knee stop his climb. Grammy nominated, often-imitated, Drake came out of nowhere to lay the blueprint for success in ‘09. Now he knows G4 pilots on a first-name basis.

2009 Highlights: In February, he made his So Far Gone mixtape available for free on his MySpace page, and it all went nuts from there. Drake jumped on Lil Wayne’s I Am Music Tour soon after, and was quickly named a “Fire Starter” by MTV News’ Hip-Hop Brain Trust. Then, riding a wave of hype, he headlined a Hot 97 “Who’s Next Live” show at New York club SOB’s, wowing a crowd that included the likes of Eminem, Kanye West and Talib Kweli.

With fame came certified sex-symbol status, which meant whispers that he and Rihanna were an item (which he denied), and he tried to downplay it all by proclaiming himself not to be a ladies man, but rather, “An honest man.” Of course, it was kind of difficult to hear him over the throngs of squealing ladies who followed his every move. Continue reading

Drake’s So Far Gone Mixtape Makes Drake Rookie Of The Year…

If Drake is not a household name for everyone just yet, the 23-year-old is on the front porch, ringing the bell. That he’s done it without even putting out an official album shows just how far he’s come in 12 months. What a journey it’s been for the Toronto native in 2009.

I first met Drake last year in Los Angeles around Grammy time. Lil Wayne’s co-manager Cortez Bryant introduced me to Drake as a new “singer” that they were working with. Drizzy was cool but barely spoke: At the time, there was no way I’d envision him as having a shot at making the MTV News’ “Hottest MCs in the Game” list, let alone finishing in the top three. He was a “singer,” right? Continue reading

Aubrey Drake Graham’s Tour Diary

Just in today, Complex.com just released an exclusive inside scoop into Aubrey Drake Graham’s Tour Diary for the America’s Most Wanted Tour. Drake answers a couple of questions about the tour, his dressing habits, and why every one on the tour has a pellet gun! This is a must read for all the Drake fans out there.

Complex: How do you choose your outfit for the show?

Drake: “Me and Oliver will sit down together and figure out what’s a good look for tonight. But I like this outfit, I like this sweater, it’s Robert Geller, I wear a lot of Robert Geller.”

Complex: I’m guessing you’re outfit is influenced by the venue and the part of the country you’re in? Continue reading

Drake ft. Saukrates – The Search

Drake just dropped another track with the help of saukrates. It’s pretty dope, it’s produced by Rich Kidd. The song is actually off Rich Kidd’s new mixtape “We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 3”. Check it out and let us know what you think.

[audio:Drake-The-Search-f.-Saukrates www.DrizzyDrake.org.mp3]
Download – Drake – The Search

In site news, the lyrics page has been updated with more Drizzy Drake lyrics, so don’t forget to check that out. Also I have added “Heart Break Drake Part 2” mixtape to the mixtape page, so that’s available for download as well. One more mixtape has came out, it’s DJ Neky The Kid Presents: Drake-A Drizzy Drake Special Mixtape (2009). Prayers out to Drizzy, let’s all hope he gets better.

With Drake, Trey Songz Makes Another Case For His ‘King Of Remixes’ Title

Canadian rapper Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” single is not only a smash for him, but it’s becoming one of the best remixed tracks of the summer. The latest entry comes from self-professed “King of Remixes” Trey Songz, who dropped his track via his Twitter account.

In the studio tryna paint a musical Picasso,” he wrote of the track.

It’s not the first time Drake and Trey Songz have collaborated on a song — they previously released “Successful” and “Replacement Girl” together. In the remix of “Best I Ever Had,” he tweaks the lyrics slightly, so instead of “Baby you my everything/ You’re all I ever wanted,” it’s now “She said I’m her everything/ I’m all she ever wanted.” The track retains the same charm and smoothness as the original with an extra dash of theatricality and swagger care of Songz.

Just as we did when comparing Songz to fellow remixer R. Kelly, I took the temperature of the Newsroom to see what the prevailing opinion was of Trey’s “Best I Ever Had.” The overall consensus? Hot!

In addition to tossing off remixes, Trey Songz has signed up to be part of a new collaboration called Ocean’s 7. The group consists of Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Nelly, Bryan-Michael Cox, Tyrone Davis and Johnta Austin. The group takes it’s name from the film Ocean’s 11 and was apparently created when Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox were in Las Vegas working in the studio with Usher. The group, who fashion themselves after the original Rat Pack, has already dropped a mixtape called 3000 and 9 S—, as well as a video for a song called “So Much Swagg.”

What do you think: Is Trey Songz the current remix king, or is there somebody else out there churning out superior tracks? Leave your thoughts in the comments…

Source: MTV

LL Cool J Speaks On Drake & Hip Hop

LL Cool J speaks about Drake and hip hop in these days and what people like and how it’s always evolving. A must watch video, LL is hilarious in this!

Drake Singing Every Girl Live

Just a video I found recently on youtube of Drake singing “Every Girl” live. He really knows how to give it all in this video. While we are on the subject, don’t forget to subscribe to are youtube account to know when new videos are posted.