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Drake’s Beef With Staff On – SNL Watch Video

A skit with Drake for Saturday Night Live shows the cast of the show ignoring or even disrespecting the top rapper from Toronto, and the response that he has for them. Each scene shows Drake trying to be friendly and being either ignored or rebuffed. After each encounter Drake raps about the cast member in a negative way.

In the skit even the maid is disrespectful, taking Drizzy’s almost full bottle of water and then giving him a blank look when he says he wasn’t done with that yet. Towards the end of the video an executive comes into the dressing room and asked Drake how things were going, to which the rapper replies that everyone is so nice. The comeback raps that Drake uses are too funny, and the SNL skit video can be found below.


Black Jeopardy with Drake – SNL (Watch Video)

When Drake hosted Saturday Bight Live recently the rapper from Toronto took part in a Black Jeopardy skit on the show, playing the part of contestant Jared in the hilarious scenario. Darnell Hayes was the host of the game show and Drizzy was wearing dreadlocks. In fact Drake was anything but himself in the skit and he bantered back in forth with Hayes about being a black Canadian. Categories for the skit included Oh Snap, White People, In My House, and others. During the skit Drake gets every question wrong and can not answer even basic questions about black culture and black media, instead acting like a white person who knows nothing about being African American at all. Prizes that the contestants could win included imaginary products top foil and Oven Heat.

At one point Hayes tells Jared that no good rap has ever come from Canada, and then Drake asks about himself while staying in character. Hayes pretends like he has never heard of the 6 god rapper at all. The entire skit is hilarious and is a must see for any Drake fan. Watch Below

Drake Performs “One Dance” And “Hype” On SNL (Watch Video)

Drake recently hosted Saturday Night Live plus the Toronto rapper was a musical guest on the same show as well. Drizzy choose two songs from his newly released Views album to perform, Hype and One Dance. The show contained a number of amusing skits that the musician took part in and the musical performance that Drake gave was incredible.

During One Dance Drizzy showed just how well he can dance along with several background dancers who were brought out for the performance. When Drake performed Hype there was a winter theme associated with the album Views complete with falling snow and lighting which was ice blue. Video of the performance Drake gave on SNL can be found below.

Drake ‘SNL’ Monologue Focuses On Memes – WATCH VIDEO

Drake opened his “SNL” monologue by singing about how he’s constantly turned into memes. As he sang about how he’s often turned into memes, Drake could be seen in still photos in different scenarios. After singing about the different memes, he said Rihanna was in the house, and then put on a wig and sang like her. See the video below of Drake’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

The Internet Goes Wild After Drake Says Bye to His Trademark Beard

When Drake posted a photo online on Instagram that showed the rapper from Toronto without the trademark beard that everyone expects the Internet went wild. Drizzy captioned the post with the comment “Beard making an epic comeback in 2 weeks….only for you [SNL].” The Instagram post was placed online soon after Drake left The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he made an appearance to talk about his latest album Views as well as other things.

Apparently Drake’s beard was shaved to prepare for his appearance on Saturday Night Live on Saturday May 14, 2016. Many people went on Twitter to voice their displeasure over the shaving, and a lot of fans have said that the clean shaven look does not fit Drizzy well at all. One Twitter user went so far as to post that Drake is no longer Champagne Papi, now he is Four Loko Man instead. It is a sure bet that the beard will be coming back in the near future if the reactions of fans on the Internet have anything influence.



Line to See Live Drake Appearance on SNL Live Started Forming Days Ago (Photos)

Drake is scheduled to make a live appearance on Saturday Night Live on Saturday, May 14, 2016, and the line started forming days in advance as fans wanted to be sure that they had a chance to see Drizzy act as host and a special guest both. Since the Toronto rapper released his newest album Views a few weeks ago Drake has been on top of the world, and the SNL appearance is just the latest in a long string of accomplishments for the music artist.

Photos outside the SNL location show chairs lined up, and many people have spent days waiting in line. Now that is devotion.