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Rita Ora Talks Unfinished Track With Drake (Video)

Rita Ora recently talked about her relationship with Drake and a unfinished song titled "What If I Kiss You Right Now". If the title sounds familiar to you, it's because Read More

Gossip: Drake and Rita Ora Kissing Backstage

According to the The Sun, a UK publication, Drake and Rita Ora were smooching backstage at the Newcastle Club Paradise event last week. This is what they had to say Read More

Drake Appears In Rita Ora’s Tour Diary Video

Rita Ora recently started a tour diary on her YouTube channel, and Drake was spotted around the 1:25 mark. You may remember Rita Ora from her hit UK single "R.I.P" Read More

Gossip: Rita Ora and Drake Dating On The Low?

Everyone seems to think Drake and Rita Ora, Jay-Z's newest Roc Nation protegé, are now dating according to many online publications. Rita Ora, was linked to be dating reality star Read More

Rita Ora released her single R.I.P. featuring Tinie Tempah a couple weeks ago. This song was written by Drake, but Drake was not featured on the main track, but here's Read More

Rita Ora - R.I.P. on Drake's track. We posted early an interview she did, now you get to listen to the actual song. Who you think did the beat more Read More

Drake wrote a song a while back called "I'm Ready For You", but the funny thing is, that song was written for another artist called Rita Ora. Well Rita Ora Read More