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Which One of Rihanna’s ‘Exes’ is This Instagram Post About? (Photo Inside)

An Instagram post meme that Rihanna posted about her exes has everyone buzzing in the comments about who the Barbados beauty was discussing in the meme, and questioning whether Drake is referenced in the post. On October 8 RiRi posted on Instagram “None of my exs are married or in happy relationships, so it’s safe to say that I wasn’t da problem.” The post is vague, and it has a hashtag trophy emoji as the caption. Could Rihanna be dissing Chris Brown? Is she talking about Drizzy? It is impossible to tell from the Instagram post which ex Rihanna is talking about. Fans who hope to see the Toronto rapper and the Umbrella singer together as a couple have been posting mixed comments on the post ever since it became public.


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Rihanna Drake Hide Away House

Rumors Fly About Drake and Rihanna’s Stay in $29 Million Mansion in Malibu (See Pictures)

Rumors have been flying about Drake and Rihanna, and one of the latest is that the lovebirds spent time at a $29 million mansion that Drizzy rented in Malibu. The Tuscan style villa is fit for royalty, and this is only fitting since the Toronto rapper and the Barbados beauty are both considered musical royalty in the industry. Everyone knows that Drake has exceptional taste when it comes to real estate. The rent for the villa is around $7,000 a night so it is something that Drizzy can definitely afford, and rumor has it that RiRi spent quite a bit of time at the property and approved of the home as well. Was the 6 god trying to impress his lady love and show off his assets? Possibly.

This home is a big step above the billboard that Drake put up for Rihanna in Los Angeles, and some are calling it their faux honeymoon pad. With 11,000 square feet, 6 bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms the house has plenty of room for the lovebirds to have their privacy while still being big enough for Drake’s crew as well.

Hilarious Memes Featuring Aubrih that Drake and Rihanna Fans Should Not Miss

Drake and Rihanna have gone somewhat public with their relationship and fans can not get enough of the latest power couple. Ever since Aubrey declared his devotion to the Barbados beauty during the VMA awards the internet has been filling up with memes about Aubrih and some are just too funny to miss. Whether you love or hate these two there is no denying that they are a topic of fascination and obsession. Some of the funniest Aubrih memes on the web include:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Graham

This meme shows Drizzy and RiRi posing in the original movie poster for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Fans will have to work hard to keep it together after seeing this hilarious spoof.


2. The Women Who Were Devastated by Aubrey’s Declaration

A woman is ready to cut her throat after finding out that Drake is no longer an eligible bachelor because of his feelings for Rihanna.

3. Drizzy and RiRi Playing Patty Cake

In one meme there are pictures of both celebrities clapping. When the photos are placed side by side it looks like the pair is playing patty cake. Too cute!

4. Grown Man Crying

This meme shows a grown man crying and is captioned with “I’ve Been in Love With her Since I was 22 Years Old.”


5. RiRi Looking Pleased and Bashful

2 photos of Rihanna are placed side by side which show her looking pleased and slightly embarrassed, and the tag is When Drake tells you he has loved you since he was 22 years old.


6. The Billboard

One of the funniest memes surrounds the billboard that Drizzy put up for Rihanna. A frog with cookies makes this meme extra funny.


7. Stick Figures

A meme that has shown up features a stick figure of Aubrey and RiRi, and there is also a stick baby for the couple as well. Too funny.


8. Drake Is Famous for Showing Love in Every Picture

A collage of photos featuring the Toronto rapper with various celebrities pokes fun at how much in love Drake always seem to be in every picture ever taken.


9. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Captioned best meme ever, LOL, this one shows Drake telling someone that he is just friends with the Barbados songstress. The individual responds with a drawn out single word: Liiiiiaaaaarrrrr!


Drake Surprises Fans at L.A. Concert With Appearances by Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and DJ Khaled

Drizzy gave fans a performance and a half at his recent Summer Sixteen Tour performance in Los Angeles, and everyone knows that Drizzy is the master of surprise guest appearances. In Chicago the Toronto rapper brought out Lil  Wayne, in Cleveland fans had an impromptu performance from LeBron James, in Detroit Eminem showed up, and in Atlanta fans were delighted by Gucci Mane, Usher, and Young Thug. For his third concert show in Los Angeles this time RiRi came onstage to perform with her rumored boyfriend Drake, and fans also had the opportunity to experience Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled. The amount of star power onstage at the performance was off the charts. Fans could not stop tweeting about the performance, with many calling it the greatest concert ever. Footage of the show and the guests who put in an appearance can be found below.

Rihanna e Drake performando #Work na #SummerSixteenTour em LA

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Aubrih. #SummerSixteenTour

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The Many Ways That Drake and Rihanna Have Shown Why You Should Believe in Love

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Drake and Rihanna have some serious chemistry, and it appears that things between the couple are white hot and getting hotter. Anyone who has seen the two music artists together has to believe in love, and the history that the dream couple has goes all the way back to their teen years. Below are just some of the times when it has been impossible to deny that love exists because of #AubRih include:


  1. The Lyrics to Fireworks- In 2010 Drizzy release Fireworks, and it is no secret that the lyrics were about RiRi. Drake sang “Who could’ve predicted Lucky Strike would have you stuck with me / What happened between us that night, it always seems to trouble me / Now all of a sudden these gossip sites wanna cover me / and you making it seem like it happened that way because of me / but I was curious and I never forget it, baby, what an experience / You could’ve been the one, but it wasn’t that serious.” In spite of these lyrics both musicians claimed that their relationship wasn’t serious.

  1. Matching Camo Shark Tattoos- After the Toronto rapper and the Barbados beauty visited an aquarium together the pair had matching cam shark tattoos inked. Rihanna has her tattoo on her ankle while Drake had his placed on his arm but the significance of the matching tattoos was not lost on fans.


  1. The 2013 Strip Club Visit- When Drizzy and RiRi hit a strip club in Houston in 2013 the pair dropped more than $17,000 during their visit, although it is not known who footed the bill for the trip. Most fans believe that Drake picked up the tab in a move meant to impress his date for the evening.


4.The Brit Awards Work Performance- When the musical couple performed Work at the Brit Awards shortly after the track video was released no one could deny how strong the chemistry between these two really was. After the performance ended Drake literally gave a bow to the beautiful singer to show his devotion.


  1. The Video for Work- The videos for Rihanna’s hit song Work features Drizzy, and the pair really steamed things up. Both videos for this track are so hot that fans who watched them could feel the heat and the chemistry between both musicians was visible.

  1. Their First Video Together. Late in 2010 Rihanna and Drake did their very first song and video, What’s My Name, and the steamy performance that they both gave was off the charts. This was the beginning of their chemistry and it set the tone for the rest of their interactions.

  1. Whenever Rihanna Shares a Stage With Drake- Every single time that Drizzy brings RiRi onstage with him it is impossible to miss just how smitten the 6 god is with the songstress, The love between the two can not be denied.


  1. The Miami VMAs- During the Miami VMAs Drake was very verbal about how he feels about Rihanna, announcing his love in front of the entire world. This declaration shows that the two are serious in spite of their many denials.


  1. Take Care- The Take Care video featuring both Drizzy and RiRi meant another year and another steaming hot video. There is no way that these two can pretend and fake the obvious chemistry that they have.

  1. Drizzy;s Rihanna Impersonation on Saturday Night Live- When Drake was the guest on Saturday Night Live the actor and rapper impersonated Rihanna so lovingly that anyone could tell he is smitten with her.


  1. The Billboard Drake Made for Rihanna- Drizzy actually bought RiRi a billboard showing his affection and devotion, and then she hearted him and Instagrammed the billboard for the entire world to see.

When he extra ??!!!

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Drake Matches Rihanna With Same Exact Camouflage Shark Tattoo (Photos)

It all started on July 6, when Drake (being the romantic guy he is) rented out Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto for a romantic date between him and Rihanna.

Doing something like this is not far fetched in Drake’s romantic playbook, he even put up a billboard in Los Angeles congratulating Rihanna on her award he presented to her at the VMA’s.

At sometime during this romantic evening, Drake bought Rihanna a stuffed Camoflouge shark which seemingly she can’t be separated from.


Last Monday, she was seen carrying the shark in a Gucci bag outside of her apartment in New York City. Little did everyone know that the stuffed shark meant so much to her that she would wind up getting it on her body.

Rihanna reportedly received the tattoo Wednesday night in Miami after she appeared on stage during Drake’s Summer Sixteen concert tour.

Drake, being the guy that he is decided that if Rihanna got the tattoo then he might as well get it too so they could be matching… Because why the hell not? I mean he’s been in love with her since he was 22 years old.

According to MTV, Photos have been taken of Drake from his tour stop in New Orleans, Louisiana of him sporting a fresh tattoo of a camouflage shark on his forearm. If these matching tattoos don’t clarify that they are officially a couple, then I don’t know what else will.

drake and rihanna matching tattoo


Rihanna Didn’t Dodge Drake’s Affection

The internet thought that when Drake went in for a kiss at the VMAs that Rihanna avoided his lips, but close up pics make it look quite the opposite. Drake presented Rihanna with the Video Vanguard Award last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, and in his speech mentioned that he has loved Rihanna since he was 22 years old.


Rihanna smiled through the whole speech and when accepting her award Drake leaned in and kissed her neck. Well, the internet saw this as Rihanna moving away from Drake’s embrace and took to social media. However, in the replay of videos you can see that Rihanna actually kisses Drake and then Drake moves to her neck.

There are new videos from Drake’s angles that clearly show that these two superstars locked lips on stage in front of the entire world. The lack of PDA is probably due to Rihanna’s makeup. So, what is next for these two?


After the acceptance Rihanna gushed about Drake in her Snap story, and they also stopped to take some pics with Rhi Rhi’s family. Then this alleged couple was inseparable for the rest of the night, which makes it seem like all this couple wants to do is spend time together.


Also, you have to remember, that last week Drake purchased that billboard in Los Angeles to celebrate Rihanna’s award. We don’t know if these two are dating or not, but we hope so because we can’t wait to see what Drake does next.


Drake Purchases Giant Billboard to Congratulate Rhianna on her MTV VMA Honor

Drake is not one to shy away from publicity.

This Sunday, August 28, 2016, Rihanna will attend the VMAs where she will be presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. This Canadian rapper bought a huge billboard right in the center of Los Angeles to congratulate his friend.The billboard is classy script written on a black background, “Congratulations to Rihanna from Drake and Everyone at OVO”.Rihanna definitely took notice and posted an image of the billboard to her Instagram, calling Drake “extra”.

Rihanna and Drake used to date in the past and now the rumors are once again flying about this duo and if they are a secret couple. If they are dating, it would explain why the rapper felt the need to show out for his lady. This could also be a publicity stunt because of “Too Good”, a song by Drake that features Rihanna.

Drake will be in attendance at the VMAs for “Hotline Bling” where he has multiple nominations. These 2016 VMAs will air on Sunday at 9 p.m., live from Madison Square Garden in New York.

When he extra ??!!!

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