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Drake And Rick Ross Empire Song

Empire (Feat. Rick Ross & Drake)

Empire is a blast from the past, a song that Drake and Rick Ross created during their YOLO project years ago that has been put to good use by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League in a new project. Anyone who listens to Empire will recognize the swag and the bravado from two of the biggest names in the hip hop world. While the YOLO project never fully came off the ground the track Empire is now getting exposure thanks to the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. For All mixtape, and that is not the only long buried music that will be on the tape.

Fans can expect to hear new sounds and tracks from many artists that have not been heard before. Some of the hip hop artists you can expect to hear on the mixtape include Drake, Rick Ross, T.I., Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, Jeemih, and Future.






Rick Ross Discusses the Rumored Drake Diss in the Track Color Money

Recently Rick Ross seemed to step into the feud between Meek Mill and Drake, and this surprised many because Ross has always seemed to have a good relationship with both artists. In 2011 Rick Ross signed Mill for Maybach Music Group and has been like a surrogate father/brother and a mentor to Mill ever since. In the past Ross has worked and collaborated with Drake, and the pair seemed to have a friendly relationship. The new Color Money track puts this into question with the subliminal dig that many say is directed straight at Dizzy and is in defense of Meek Mill. The lyrics of the song include the lines “Color money got your bitch out on a world tour/ My lil’ homie made a million on his girl tour/ We back to back and down to whack a n—a unborn/ Miami n—as got them changing all the gun laws/ So run, Forrest, got some shooters and they dying, too/ I got more money than that p—y that you’re signed to.”

During a December 3rd interview on the Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club program Ross was asked whether he was trying to take a shot at Drake because of the Drizzy/Meek Mill feud. Ross responded by saying “That record is what it is. It’s a lot of different people that’s gonna interpret it a lot of different ways, and it is what it is.” When the interviewer tried to determine whether Ross was simply playing with words or if the artist meant to diss Drake on purpose Rick commented “Everybody who know Rozay, know how I get down. And when I come, I come. So, I’d just say, let’s see how it unfold. We most definitely know how I come and what I do. I don’t play no games.” Apparently Ross meant to hit at Drizzy and his lyrics were no coincidence.

The Color Money lyric “that p—y that you’re signed to” has also raised questions. Is Rick Ross talking about J. Prince? Is it a reference to Birdman? Is it a diss at Lil Wayne as well? When Ross was questioned about this line and who it was referring to he stated “Weezy my homie. I was just with Weezy the other night at the club; he was just on the remix with me. J. Prince, that’s my big homie. Anything else, take it how you want it. Take it how you want it.”

What about Birdman? Ross denied a relationship with the big boss, saying “I don’t have one with Birdman. If you read The Source magazine, you would see that, right now, me just seeing what Wayne going through as an artist, him being a boss, me idolizing Birdman at a time, me looking up to Lil Wayne, Wayne being the first artist to make so many feats, not just as an artist, but an artist coming from the South — that’s something that I took personal. So, for me to see the way things are transpiring, I can’t respect that. And I don’t respect that. That ain’t the way this game built to be on, and I ain’t wit it. And I ain’t nobody you could play with.”

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Is Rick Ross Throwing Shade at Drake in Color Money Over the Meek Mill Feud?

Rick Ross has stepped into the Drake and Meek Mill feud, defending Nicky Minaj’s boyfriend and trying to throw shade at Drake at the same time in his latest song Color Money according to some sources. The track is on Rick Ross’s album Black Market. Lyrics to the track which may be taking a jab at Drake include “Color money got your b—- out on a world tour/ My lil’ homie made a million on his girl’s tour/ We back to back and down to wack a n—- unborn/ Miami n—– got ’em changin’ all they gun laws/ So run Forrest, got some shooters and they down, too/ I got more money then that p—- that you signed to.”

Drake has stated in one of tracks that Meek Mill was profiting from The Pinkprint Tour by Nicky Minaj. Ross has also been defensive of Mill and referenced the spat between Drake and Mill. The pair have been going back and forth for some time now in their lyrics and the feuding has only gotten worse. Many believe that Drake has previously said he was in love with Nicky Minaj, who is the current girlfriend of Meek Mill. Maybe Drake is just reacting like a protective big brother though, one who feels his little sister is being taken advantage of.

Rick Ross Ft. Drake & Wale – “Diced Pineapples” (Official Video)

The official music video is out, “Dice Pineapples” is here. Rick Ross, Wale, and Drake shot this video on the Anguilla island in the Carribean. The music video was directed by Director X, which is the same director that made Drake’s “HYFR” music video. Watch the video after the jump.

Rick Ross ft. Drake – Us (remix) Lyrics

[Lil Reese]

You already know

[Lil Reese]
At the top it’s just us nigga
But I don’t really trust niggas (I Don’t)
OTF it’s just us nigga
But I don’t really trust niggas
GBE we don’t fuck with niggas
At the top where you see us nigga
Since a youngun’ bitch we been them niggas
Since a youngun’ bitch we been them niggas

[Rick Ross]
Michael Jackson got them fiends just like Thriller
2 Door Maybach clean, smoking on killer
You a stranger talking and I don’t feel it
If I don’t know your momma I’ma make ‘em feel it
Heavy armour on, you know I wanna shine
Bitch I need it all each and every dime
Photo’s taken, fo’door Maybach I know you hatin’
Skatin’ with women from Staten Island, my flow’s so flagrant
We the realest, pistol conceal my percentage
Higher than yours, Cash Money I see no limits
Port of Miami, them I drop Trilla
Ex dope dealer worth 8 figures


Just got back from Turks & Caicos hoes all at the villa
Only nigga making albums with no fucking filla
New deal on the table look like ’bout like 10 milla
Shout my lawyer man he a contract killa
You know 305 Ricky that’s my fucking nigga
Did this shit right here for ?, preme, styles and ?
Did this shit right here for Reese, Sosa, Fredo, Durk
You let Drizzy get a verse you gon get this work
Yeah, at the top it’s just us nigga
Yeah, that’s why I don’t really trust niggas
See my family and the money is a must nigga
All the fame and all the pussy is just a plus nigga


[Lil Reese]
Since a youngun bitch we been them niggas
A small circle with no new niggas
Cause I don’t really trust niggas
GBE its just us nigga
And she just wana fuck with us
So much kush keep me stuck nigga
In other-words high as fuck nigga
Life’s a movie I’m a priceless picture
400 for the belt nigga
Right or wrong you get left nigga
For that back you get left nigga
For my niggas you get left nigga


[Rick Ross]
I love this beat, oh man I’m finna go bad
I play for pussy, oh man, she gotta be bad
She fuck with me, that bitch know I’m ’bout buy them bags
Beef with me, fuck boy, I’m ’bout to go outback
I woke up counting money, make ‘em ?
Type of money, she fuck me, she gotta fuck us all
Them other boys well known for letting niggas stall
We eating good, not my fault, it Wing Stops
My new home look like it’s Al Capone
My new bitch look like she getting involved
My new watch look like I had a stove
Barry Weiss told me I’m gold, God Forgives I don’t
Me and Drizzy like the Beatles nigga
Same ones hatin’, wouldn’t wanna be them niggas
We let em step but we don’t see them niggas
We don’t see them niggas


Drake Collaboration With Rick Ross on The Black Bar Mitzvah Mixtape

Rick Ross and Drake‘s collobrative album “YOLO” is probably going to be a no go, but Drizzy will share some spotlight on Rick Rozay’s The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, which will drop any time now. Drake tweet yeserday the following:

Bout to read my portion for this Black Bar Mitzvah Tape! #BBMTAPE @rickyrozay

Drizzy (@Drake) October 7, 2012

Rick Ross Starts Shooting “Dice Pineapples” ft. Drake & Wale (Photos)

Rick Ross started shooting the music video for his track featuring Drake and Wale title “Dice Pineapples“. Rick Ross was busy updating his Instagram feed with some tropical photos from Anguilla. The photos below showcase the beautiful island’s scenery, goes great with the title of the song. The video is directed by none other than Little X. God Forgives I Don’t in stores now!

Drake Performs At OVO Fest 2012 (Videos)

Last night the 3rd annual OVO Fest took place at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Canada. Drake performed an amazing show and we have all the footage here in one organized post. This year’s guest included Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka, Meek Mill, and 2 Chainz. Snoop Dogg performed his classic track “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Watch all 12 videos below and on the next couple pages. OVOXO

Drake Performing “Cameras” at OVO Fest 2012

Snoop Dogg Performing “Drop It Like It’s Hot” at OVO Fest 2012