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DJ Drama Chimes In On Drake’s Aaliyah Posthumous Project

DJ Drama stopped by LA Leakers for an interview, and among the many things they talked about, Drama dropped news on Drake & 40 co-executive producing Aaliyah‘s posthumous album, Mixtape Weezy, and the OVO fest that had just past last weekend. DJ Drama is excited for the development of the Aaliyah project, in which he had nothing but good things to say about “Enough Said“. Watch the entire clip below.

Drake Chimes In On OVO Fest 2012 Line-Up

NOW recently got to talk to Drake about this year’s opening acts for OVO Fest. Drake gives a list of people that were going to perform, which includes: The Weeknd, 2Chainz, and A$AP Rocky. There’s a good chance that there will be special guest as well.

The Weeknd:

“I could do a whole separate interview about how talented [the Weeknd] is and what he means to the city. I’m so proud of him. He’s going to come out and prove how far he’s come in a year and how much he’s evolved as a performer.”


“I’ve known him for years, since when I was coming out on Lil Wayne’s stage as Jimmy from Degrassi. He’s one of the most exciting rappers out right now. I’m on his album, and we’ve done a lot of work together. I’m really excited to be bringing him to Toronto for his first solo show.”

A$AP Rocky:

“He’s a great performer. He brings a real energy to the stage and has a crazy, wild team around him that jump around and get people riled up and excited.”