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French Montana Says He Won $60,000 From Drake In NBA Finals Bet (Watch Video)

French Montana took $60,000 from Drake over a bet on Game 7 of the NBA Finals, and then bragged on Instagram about it by saying “Shout out to my brother, Drizzy Drake, for that 60 bands ’cause you ain’t believe in LeBron.” Drizzy put his money on the Golden State Warriors but the Cleveland Cavaliers won the game 93-89. With the high popularity of Views Drake can afford it.

#FrenchMontana won a $60,000 bet from #Drake that the Cavs would win the #NBAFinals

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Shaq Ticked Off About Drake Meme, Angrily Walks Off Set

Drake’s Views From the 6 is still so new that fans are trying to determine whether it is a great album or not, but the cover for the album has already started a meme trend that is going strong. Some of the memes put someone else in Drake’s place while others move Drake to a different location instead. The creativity of some of the memes out there are really inspiring but one managed to really tick off Shaq and cause the NBA star to walk off set and trash everything in his path as he was leaving.

The crew from NBA on TNT created the controversial meme on Saturday but they may have taken things a little too far and Shaq may have had a legitimate reason to be angry. It was all supposed to be in fun, but the cover album created for Shaq showed Kobe on top of the Staples Center instead of Drake, and Shaq was features on Kobe’s back. Shaq seemed to brush it off at first but then stormed off the set and trashed whatever was in his path as he was leaving.

Instagram Post by Drake Shows Paul George in Tears Right After Raptors Destroy Pacers

As soon as the game was over and the Raptors destroyed the Pacers Drizzy put an Instagram Post online that included tears that Drake placed on Paul George in the post. While the post was soon deleted there are saved screenshots of it. During the game Paul George managed to put up 39 but that was not enough to take the game from Toronto’s beloved team. The game gave the Raptors a series lead of 3-2, and the comeback by the team in the fourth quarter was brilliant.

After deleting the Paul George post Drake replaced it with a photo of Rodney Stuckey falling into the rapper. The original post included the caption “I knew you were scared” and some have stated that Drizzy should not mess with the man who has been lighting his team up even though the Raptors won this one. George is still a force to be reckoned with and the team will match up against the Pacers again in the future.


OVO Kobe Bryant Tribute Jacket Worn by Drake for the All Star Game

The recent All Star Game will be the final one for Kobe Bryant, and Drake decided t pay tribute to the NBA star by wearing an OVO branded jacket which carried the text message Farewell Mamba placed along the skyline of Toronto. The jacket also prominently features the Los Angeles Lakers player with his yellow jersey and the well known number 24.

This tribute is no surprise since Drake is much more than just a popular rapper. Drizzy is the Toronto Raptors brand ambassador, and he is well known in the professional basketball world. The 2016 NBA All Star Game was held at the Air Canada Centre, and this is not Drake’s first time as a coach because he was also a coach for the Team World celebrity game as well. The jacket looked awesome however Kobe did not do as well when he was guarded by LeBron James.

Drake’s Mastery of Ping Pong is Challenged by NBA Great Reggie Miller and Drake Accepts the Challenge

Drake is being challenged a lot these days, and the Canadian rapper shouldn’t expect the challenges to stop any time soon. The latest challenge that Drake s facing is a ping pong mastery competition against the legend of the NBA Reggie Miller. Once Miller found out that Drizzy is supposed to be a master at Ping Pong the challenge had to be issued, and Drake saw an offer that he could not turn down so he accepted.

Drake’s response to the challenge was the simple statement “Master is a bit of a stretch.” It must be difficult for Drake to be humble and admit that he may not always be not be the best at anything that he attempts. Remember the Sprite commercial that Drizzy made, with the slogan “Last name ‘ever,’ first name ‘greatest’”? This commercial was created before Drake ever had a best selling album or top hit song and yet his confidence was over the top. Over the weekend Drake is taking part in the NBA All-Star Festivities being held in Toronto, and Drizzy is the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game coach for the Canadian team.