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Rihanna Didn’t Dodge Drake’s Affection

The internet thought that when Drake went in for a kiss at the VMAs that Rihanna avoided his lips, but close up pics make it look quite the opposite. Drake presented Rihanna with the Video Vanguard Award last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, and in his speech mentioned that he has loved Rihanna since he was 22 years old.


Rihanna smiled through the whole speech and when accepting her award Drake leaned in and kissed her neck. Well, the internet saw this as Rihanna moving away from Drake’s embrace and took to social media. However, in the replay of videos you can see that Rihanna actually kisses Drake and then Drake moves to her neck.

There are new videos from Drake’s angles that clearly show that these two superstars locked lips on stage in front of the entire world. The lack of PDA is probably due to Rihanna’s makeup. So, what is next for these two?


After the acceptance Rihanna gushed about Drake in her Snap story, and they also stopped to take some pics with Rhi Rhi’s family. Then this alleged couple was inseparable for the rest of the night, which makes it seem like all this couple wants to do is spend time together.


Also, you have to remember, that last week Drake purchased that billboard in Los Angeles to celebrate Rihanna’s award. We don’t know if these two are dating or not, but we hope so because we can’t wait to see what Drake does next.



Well it’s that time again, to start casting your vote for the MTV VMA’s again, and well you all knew Drake was going to be in the running for the best new artist of 2009. Along side with Drake there is 3oh!3, Lady Gaga, Asher Roth, and Kid Cudi. I seem to actually like all those artist, all of them did it pretty big this year with some banging tracks, but we all know who I’m voting for… The site pretty much explains it all. Anyway like they say in all those voting commercials and what not, “Every vote counts!” So head over to MTV and make one artist the best new artist of 2009 “cough” Drake!

Vote Drake For “Best New Artist”