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Mack Main Speaks With Rap-Up About Drake’s Junior Album Releasing 2013


Mack Main spoke with Rap-Up.tv on Saturday at the Cash Money Pre-Grammy Party. The Young Money president spoke of greatness to come out in 2013 with Lil Wayne‘s, Drake‘s, and Tyga‘s album dropping this year. When Rap-Up asked about, “Nothing Was The Same“, Mack Main commented, “He’s on the same pace as he always is to drop a classic. He’s like 10 songs in. Knowing him, that’s only like 4 songs, he probably won’t keep 6 of them. He’s a perfectionist though”. If you heard Drake’s last two albums, you can only expect greatness.

Lil Wayne – “Love Me” ft. Drake & Future (Behind The Scenes)


Love Me” featuring Drake and Future is the leading track off of Lil Wayne‘s upcoming album rumored to dropped this year, ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’. Some behind the scenes footage of them shooting the music video for “Love Me” surfaced today on MTV News, which is set to drop tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. Funny how that works, track named “Love Me” drops no V-Day… Come back tomorrow to find the official music video here!

Also check out this bonus video of Drake behind the scenes of “Love Me”.

Drake Speaks On The Success The Young Money Artists Have (Video)


It’s either Drake, Nicki Minaj, or Lil Wayne that always seem to be in the top ten. Drake speaks on behalf of the Young Money family and the success the record label has had. Drake comments, “I think we all have our own individual different personalities and I think that the powers that be within this company allow us to be ourselves.” Watch the video below for Drake’s full response.

Drake Spotted Partying At Club LIV Miami (Photos)

lil-wayne-liv-nightclub-drake-birdmanDrake was spotted last Sunday clubbing it up with Lil Wayne and Birdman at Club LIV in Miami. Check out some of the photos below of them partying it up below.

Drake May Possibly Be On Future’s Upcoming Sophomore Album

future-rap-up-drake-interviewRap Up had an interview with Future recently about his sophomore album. In the interview Future spoke about possible artist that he would collaborator with for his upcoming new album, one of those artist was Drake. Watch the video below for the entire story.

“Me and Drake got great music coming out. The chemistry that we have, we just feed off of each other”, says Future.

Drake and Lil Wayne Will Be Making $3 Million Annually On Pandora

If your an avid user of Pandora, then you’ve probably heard Pandora’s CEO, Tim Westergen speaking to you in some of the Pandora ads about artist payments. Drake and Lil Wayne are on course to make $3 million annually because of Pandora, and many artist you may know such as Wiz Khalifa, Cold Play and many more are a little ways back making $1 million. This news is great, but read what the owner of Pandora has to say.

“It’s hard to look at these numbers and not see that internet radio presents an incredible opportunity to build a better future for artists. Not only is it bringing tens of millions of listeners back to music, across hundreds of genres, but it is also enabling musicians to earn a living. It’s also hard to look at these numbers, knowing Pandora accounts for just 6.5% of radio listening in the U.S., and not come away thinking something is wrong”, says Tim.

Pandora is a platform I really couldn’t see myself not using in this day and age. I rarely find myself tuning in to my local radio stations anymore, because my recommended playlist are literally an auxiliary chord away. To read the entire article CLICK HERE

Drake’s Aaliyah Album Is Going To Be “Awesome”

Lil Wayne fully supports Drake‘s ambitions to co-produce a new Aaliyah album and actually thinks it’s going to be “Awesome”!

Lil Wayne thinks the late Aaliyah’s music is better than a lot of music out today — and he’s confident that Drake’s plan to produce unreleased Aaliyah songs will be an “awesome collaboration.”

Missy Elliott and Timbaland, who produced most of Aaliyah’s music, are not involved, and DMX, who co-starred with Aaliyah in the movie “Romeo Must Die” and recorded a song with her, has been critical of the project.

Lil Wayne said he hasn’t heard any negative feedback, and added when he first heard that his Young Money protégé was a part of the project, his first thought was: “Good move.”

“Everybody knows what Aaliyah did and done for music and culture, period, and it’s always good to do that, for not only for people like that, just for her fans — you know what I mean?” he said in a recent interview. “Drake’s a very thoughtful person. Everyone knows that. It’s an awesome collaboration. Her music is still awesome. It’s still better than a lot of music out right now,” he said.

Do you agree with what Lil Wayne said about Aaliyah’s music, and how do you feel about Drake’s Aaliyah album?