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Insight | July Edition | Letter From A Fan


By Simply Phillip Brown

Contributing Writer For dizzydrake.org

They were the Ike and Tina of all arguments; people would rush to their windows each and every night to catch a glimpse of their history-making verbal feuds.

She was my neighbor. It was so long ago — well, not really. But in my mind, something two years ago seems as if it happened 10 years ago. That’s what happens when you’re busy. Each and every time opportunity knocks, you stand at the door, ready and waiting. Without question, you’re gone, my life taking me from writing for various magazines and online blogs to writing my own books.

She was the whisper that lay on my ear, the voice that, at night, rocked me into a gentle sleep. We would talk every now and then and, even though she needed to vent about the things that she and her man were going through, there was a bigger part of her. I could tell that she wanted to let him go and start over again with someone else; however, something held her, something kept her from making that move. Maybe it was because she needed that little nudge, that little push, and maybe that push was me. She was a good woman who wanted to be respected and treated in the right way. There was nothing wrong with that. But her having a man— well, in my eyes, there was something wrong with that.

I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t let him go, but why ask yourself a question that you can already answer for yourself? So I kept my distance, provided that ear that listened to her problems, but did not allow my heart to get too attached.

That plan failed and one conversation too many led to a kiss that, even now, still makes me stop, pause, turn around, and think.

Opportunity knocked again in my life and it was an opportunity that lead to an internship at one of my favorite magazines, my move to New York, and the chance to work around writers and people in the business whom I knew would only benefit me later in my life and my career as a writer.

We never spoke of that kiss again, after that night, but we kept in touch by email and letter, all the way up until I found myself returning home for a wedding that I never expected to happen.

I never received an invitation to the wedding, but I just couldn’t help it. I had to see her face and realize that they could have been us, that man could have been me.

In life, sometimes chasing one’s opportunity means that another gets away, and for chasing my dream my heart will forever pay the price.

Everyone has a personal journey and his or her own way of getting to the truth. I believe music to be just one of the many ways.

It was Drake’s song “Don’t You Have A Man,” from his previous mixtape, and “Find Your Love,” from the just-released “Thank Me Later” CD, that made me both understand as well as remember that missed opportunity will eventually come back around, but missed love is gone … gone forever.

I wanted to share this particular story with you all to show you the power of music and the power of words, and how a simple song can take you back to the good times, illustrating how things could have been.

For this, Drake, I truly thank you.

Until next month, everyone.

Take care!