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Drake Co-Signs Kreayshawn, Preps Take Care Album

Drake is all about the Bay area rapper and video director Kreayshawn, which has made quite the meteoric rise to fame after her smash video and song “Gucci Gucci” took fire on the Web. The new Columbia Records signee already has friends in high places, with the young rapper able to call on Hodgy Beats and Left Brain of Odd Future as allies. Just to the north, Kreayshawn can now count a certain Canadian superstar as another high profile name in her corner.

Last night (July 18) on DJ Green Lantern’s “Invasion Radio” show on Sirius Satellite, Young Money artist Drake called in from Toronto into the show to speak with Kreayshawn – and it appeared Drizzy was in a good mood as he playfully flirted with Green’s guest for the night during a break between mixing his first single with producer Noah “40” Shebib. Inspired by a quick tune-in to Green Lantern’s show and showing audible excitement over Kreayshawn as a guest, Drake called in to throw support behind his friend which then prompted Boss Lady to inquire more about their connection.


“I don’t know, man, it just happens amongst us young people,” said a somewhat coy Drake in response. “We just find each other. We met up in L.A. one time and we just kicked it. That’s my dog.”

Drake continued gushing over Kreayshawn saying, “I get excited when new things happen in Hip Hop and when I heard “Gucci Gucci” and I heard the flows, I was excited before I even knew who she was. The energy that she has is great, man. She’s good peoples.”

Drake tried his best not to hog Kreayshawn’s spotlight and was respectful of the time, but did manage to openly plug his upcoming sophomore LP Take Care briefly. Drake also said that he has “bars on deck” for a potential Kreayshawn collaboration at the rookie rapper’s behest. Another key moment happened when Drake, clearly engaging in playful banter, referred to Kreayshawn as a “cutie pie” prompting her to respond by calling Drizzy “rugged and handsome.”

Could there be more than an audio duet going on between the pair in the future? Stay tuned!

What do you think of Drake’s cosign of Kreayshawn? Do you think they should work together?