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10 Things Drake Loves

Drake performed a show at the Ogden in Denver for his Away From Home Tour. Westword compiled a list of things that Drake loves. Find out what they are!

  • 1. Free Weezy His DJ played a bunch of Lil Wayne to get the crowd going (it worked) and every other piece of banter out of Drake’s mouth was about Wayne and then the chants came early and often. You know that part of “Best I Ever Had” where Drake talks about how this is the sort of song you have to dedicate to that special somebody? Yeah, he dedicated it to Free Weezy.
  • 2. Women Let’s get this straight: Drake loves the ladies. And they love him — there was a much higher ratio of women to men than usual at this show, and almost all of them, ahem, dressed to impress.
  • 3. Vulnerability Drake told a story about the last time he was in Denver: Apparently, it was the third time he’d ever talked to Lil Wayne, and they had some chicks back on the bus. Drake went to Denny’s to get a milkshake and then threw up all over the place. “It was the first time Lil Wayne saw me throw up,” he said. (That happen often?) It is well documented that Drake is a particularly emo rapper. His music is full of inner torture. He clearly enjoys the being on stage part, but when he’s singing or rapping, it still looks like some sort of painful vigil.
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