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Are Drake and Future Collaborating Again? Metro Boomin Drops Hints.

Many are speculating that Drake and Future are collaborating again after Metro Boomin dropped some hints recently. Both rappers have been on their Summer Sixteen Tour but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to hit the studio. The tour is finally starting to wrap up and a mysterious tweet from Metro Boomin has Drizzy and Future fans hoping that a new collab is in the works. The tweet read “Last year on my birthday we were in the studio working on jumpman so I guess it’s only right to keep the tradition going this week too lol,” That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Toronto rapper and his tour partner Future will be in the studio again but fans can hope can’t they?

Drake Surprises Fans at L.A. Concert With Appearances by Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and DJ Khaled

Drizzy gave fans a performance and a half at his recent Summer Sixteen Tour performance in Los Angeles, and everyone knows that Drizzy is the master of surprise guest appearances. In Chicago the Toronto rapper brought out Lil  Wayne, in Cleveland fans had an impromptu performance from LeBron James, in Detroit Eminem showed up, and in Atlanta fans were delighted by Gucci Mane, Usher, and Young Thug. For his third concert show in Los Angeles this time RiRi came onstage to perform with her rumored boyfriend Drake, and fans also had the opportunity to experience Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled. The amount of star power onstage at the performance was off the charts. Fans could not stop tweeting about the performance, with many calling it the greatest concert ever. Footage of the show and the guests who put in an appearance can be found below.

Rihanna e Drake performando #Work na #SummerSixteenTour em LA

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Aubrih. #SummerSixteenTour

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6 Ways That Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour With Future has Been Motivational

The Summer Sixteen Tour featuring Drake and Future has had many motivational moments, and fans who attended performances have been more than enthusiastic about their experiences. Some ways that these two rappers have motivated others include:

1. More Effort Means Greater Rewards

At a recent performance Drizzy showed that when you put more effort into something you will reap greater rewards as a result. As the performance went on into the night and 11 pm came around the Toronto rapper still had plenty of adrenaline and energy to spare so he asked the crowd if they wanted him to continue. As the crowd was loud with cheers Drake continued to perform for another half an hour, ending his set with Legend. It is obvious that Drizzy has put a lot of work and effort into his tour and his performances and he is being well rewarded for it.

2. Being an Underdog With a Chip on Your Shoulder can be Something Positive

The 6 god has made no secret of the fact that the industry has not always expected him to succeed, but in spite of this Drake is at the top. Fans can relate to working hard while it seems that everyone is against you, and there is no doubt that Drizzy has reached the top of his game in spite of the obstacles that he has run into in the past. Instead of counting on others Drake counted on himself and he definitely picked a winner to back.

3. Don’t Forget Those Who Rose Up With You

Drake understands that his fans are responsible for his success, going so far as to go into the crowd at a performance and giving a shout out to those who showed their support for his music. According to the Toronto rapper “I’m nothing without you, trust me.” Drake knows who has helped him reach stardom and he appreciates these people, showing that appreciation every chance that he gets.

4. Setbacks can Set the Stage for Comebacks

When Future has a setback with the debut of Honest he did not let this get him down, instead he picked up Anthony Saleh as his manager and then released some very popular and incredibly strong mixtapes. Now Future is sharing the stage with Drake, performing in front of tens of thousands of fans and showing just how strong his music and his motivation is.

5. It is Important to Take a Stand for What You Believe In

During his Summer Sixteen Tour with Drake Future paired his performance of his popular hit track March Madness with an image that showed him standing on top of a police car and police shooting at him. The rapper draws attention to the lyrics in the song “cops shooting n—-s, traffic”. Future shows that he stands for something, and then during the show closing Drizzy reminds everyone to show love and embrace each other like they do during the concert.

6. The Company That you Keep Reveals Who you Are

Drizzy has shown many times that the company you keep reveals who you really are, and the Toronto rapper is above reproach in this area. Drake has given Future compliments, calling the Atlanta rapper a great tour partner and stating that he does not tour with anyone else. Metroboomin was mentioned a number of times during the performance, and the 6 god also thanked GP-SK Design & Production’s Guy Pavelo and Steve Kidd for show production and lighting.

Be Prepared to Pay More For Summer Sixteen Tour Tickets to See Drake This Year

Drake recently announced a summer tour, and the Toronto rapper just recently released Views From the 6. Fans can expect to pay more for tour tickets to see Drizzy this summer though because of the increasing popularity that Drake is gaining all the time. The Summer Sixteen tour will feature Future, as well as DVSN and also Roy Woods. Tickets for the tour went on sale to the general public the same day that Drizzy released his Views From the 6 album and tickets started going very quickly for many of the venues on the tour schedule. The tour launch is scheduled for Austin, Texas at the Frank Erwin Center on July 20, 2016. The schedule for the tour includes numerous cities until it finally wraps things up on September 18 in Vancouver at Rogers Arena. This last stop venue has back to back tour dates on 9/17 and 9/18.

Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour tickets were not made available to the general public until last Friday morning but pre-sale tickets for specific cities were available on Tuesday 4/26. The secondary market for tickets to see Drizzy during this tour have already been flooded and the price for tickets is higher than previous tour tickets for Drake. The average ticket price for this tour is around $267 on the general market and most cities are expected to have sold out events before Drizzy even arrives to perform on stage. There are some exceptions though. At the Air Canada Centre in Drake’s hometown of Toronto the lowest possible cheap seat available for either night of the two night tour schedule runs about $283 and the average price of a ticket here is going for about $551. For the Staples Center tour date of 9/09 the average for resale tickets is currently $432 but the cheapest options will run around $125.

Find The Best Deals On Drake Summer Sixteen Tickets Below:

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Tour Expanded for Drake and Future Summer Sixteen Tour

A recent announcement about a co-headlining tour between Drake and Future started building excitement, and now it has been revealed that this tour will be expanded as well. There have been additional tour dates scheduled for Vancouver, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, DC, Oakland, and Houston. This means that more fans in these areas will get a chance to see the Toronto rapper up close and in person.

An additional date was scheduled for Madison Square Garden, and tickets are already available for the extra shows which have been added. On April 28 Drizzy will premiere a stream t 10 pm on the show Beats 1, and his latest album Views From the 6 will be released Friday 4/29 at midnight on Apple Music. The full list of Drake and Future tour dates can be found below:


Kendrick Lamar Shares his Thoughts on the Debate and Mentions Drake and Future as Favorites!

Some rap fans are purists and have some very limiting ideas about what constitutes real hip hop, and To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar has only intensified this debate. This album has it all: musical arrangements that are large and grandiose, rapping that is very technical, themes that can be seen as political, and even disparate influences.

Because of this it has become the poster project for real hip hop for many fans. There has always been some disagreement over whether rap which places a focus on social commentary has more value than rap that is based only on songwriting and musical talent. Recently Complex chose to include Rae Sremmurd who is considered part rap at the number 3 spot on the list, and this led critics to comment about it. Many held up Kendrick Lamar to show what they thought rap should be but Pusha T quickly pushed back by defending the Sremm brothers against purists.

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Future Talks About Drake, DS2, and “Where Ya At” on Fuse

When Future, the rapper from Atlanta, released Honest in 2014 many fans turned away and there were a lo of haters who aid the artist was headed towards mainstream music. That changed when Future released DS2 this year and he managed to win back many of the lost fans with this album. The music has lyrics that are withering and the production was underdone. DS2 delves into the life of Future once the rapper’s relationship with Ciara fell apart.  This weekend on Revealed, an original series on Fuse, Future is interviews and he discusses how he went from Honest to DS2.


Episode clips have been previewed by Fuse before the broadcast, and fans can hear everything for themselves at 7 pm on December 5 on Fuse. In addition there is video of Future talking about Drake, and why the Canadian rapper is the only artist to put in a guest appearance on the DS2 album. Future tells Fuse that Drake managed to turn the verse that he has on the album in under 3 hours, a very impressive feat. That puts an end to all of the rumors that Drake needs a ghostwriter because he can not write his own verses.



Lil Wayne – “Love Me” ft. Drake & Future (Behind The Scenes)


Love Me” featuring Drake and Future is the leading track off of Lil Wayne‘s upcoming album rumored to dropped this year, ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’. Some behind the scenes footage of them shooting the music video for “Love Me” surfaced today on MTV News, which is set to drop tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. Funny how that works, track named “Love Me” drops no V-Day… Come back tomorrow to find the official music video here!

Also check out this bonus video of Drake behind the scenes of “Love Me”.