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Insight | July Edition | Letter From A Fan


By Simply Phillip Brown

Contributing Writer For dizzydrake.org

They were the Ike and Tina of all arguments; people would rush to their windows each and every night to catch a glimpse of their history-making verbal feuds.

She was my neighbor. It was so long ago — well, not really. But in my mind, something two years ago seems as if it happened 10 years ago. That’s what happens when you’re busy. Each and every time opportunity knocks, you stand at the door, ready and waiting. Without question, you’re gone, my life taking me from writing for various magazines and online blogs to writing my own books.

She was the whisper that lay on my ear, the voice that, at night, rocked me into a gentle sleep. We would talk every now and then and, even though she needed to vent about the things that she and her man were going through, there was a bigger part of her. I could tell that she wanted to let him go and start over again with someone else; however, something held her, something kept her from making that move. Maybe it was because she needed that little nudge, that little push, and maybe that push was me. She was a good woman who wanted to be respected and treated in the right way. There was nothing wrong with that. But her having a man— well, in my eyes, there was something wrong with that.

I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t let him go, but why ask yourself a question that you can already answer for yourself? So I kept my distance, provided that ear that listened to her problems, but did not allow my heart to get too attached.

That plan failed and one conversation too many led to a kiss that, even now, still makes me stop, pause, turn around, and think.

Opportunity knocked again in my life and it was an opportunity that lead to an internship at one of my favorite magazines, my move to New York, and the chance to work around writers and people in the business whom I knew would only benefit me later in my life and my career as a writer.

We never spoke of that kiss again, after that night, but we kept in touch by email and letter, all the way up until I found myself returning home for a wedding that I never expected to happen.

I never received an invitation to the wedding, but I just couldn’t help it. I had to see her face and realize that they could have been us, that man could have been me.

In life, sometimes chasing one’s opportunity means that another gets away, and for chasing my dream my heart will forever pay the price.

Everyone has a personal journey and his or her own way of getting to the truth. I believe music to be just one of the many ways.

It was Drake’s song “Don’t You Have A Man,” from his previous mixtape, and “Find Your Love,” from the just-released “Thank Me Later” CD, that made me both understand as well as remember that missed opportunity will eventually come back around, but missed love is gone … gone forever.

I wanted to share this particular story with you all to show you the power of music and the power of words, and how a simple song can take you back to the good times, illustrating how things could have been.

For this, Drake, I truly thank you.

Until next month, everyone.

Take care!

Is Rihanna Bitter With Drake?

Recently Drake’s “Fireworks” from his Thank Me Later album, exposed the rapper’s brief romantic relationship with superstar songstress, Rihanna.  The fling between the two has been all over the airwaves and the gossip sites. Drake has been asked a million questions about the love connection, in which he revealed, “I was a pawn. You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear. I was like, wow, this feels terrible.”

But, it seems like Rihanna is not bitter about the situation. According to a recent interview with E!, the singer claims that  Drake is currently at the top of her playlist along with Jay Z, Kings of Leon, and Ke$ha. When asked about the rapper, Rihanna admits, “He’s really, really talented, and I think he’s one of the illest lyricists out there right now, so I would love to work with him.”

Aubrey Drake Graham’s Tour Diary

Just in today, Complex.com just released an exclusive inside scoop into Aubrey Drake Graham’s Tour Diary for the America’s Most Wanted Tour. Drake answers a couple of questions about the tour, his dressing habits, and why every one on the tour has a pellet gun! This is a must read for all the Drake fans out there.

Complex: How do you choose your outfit for the show?

Drake: “Me and Oliver will sit down together and figure out what’s a good look for tonight. But I like this outfit, I like this sweater, it’s Robert Geller, I wear a lot of Robert Geller.”

Complex: I’m guessing you’re outfit is influenced by the venue and the part of the country you’re in? Continue reading

Drake ft. Saukrates – The Search

Drake just dropped another track with the help of saukrates. It’s pretty dope, it’s produced by Rich Kidd. The song is actually off Rich Kidd’s new mixtape “We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 3”. Check it out and let us know what you think.

[audio:Drake-The-Search-f.-Saukrates www.DrizzyDrake.org.mp3]
Download – Drake – The Search

In site news, the lyrics page has been updated with more Drizzy Drake lyrics, so don’t forget to check that out. Also I have added “Heart Break Drake Part 2” mixtape to the mixtape page, so that’s available for download as well. One more mixtape has came out, it’s DJ Neky The Kid Presents: Drake-A Drizzy Drake Special Mixtape (2009). Prayers out to Drizzy, let’s all hope he gets better.

With Drake, Trey Songz Makes Another Case For His ‘King Of Remixes’ Title

Canadian rapper Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” single is not only a smash for him, but it’s becoming one of the best remixed tracks of the summer. The latest entry comes from self-professed “King of Remixes” Trey Songz, who dropped his track via his Twitter account.

In the studio tryna paint a musical Picasso,” he wrote of the track.

It’s not the first time Drake and Trey Songz have collaborated on a song — they previously released “Successful” and “Replacement Girl” together. In the remix of “Best I Ever Had,” he tweaks the lyrics slightly, so instead of “Baby you my everything/ You’re all I ever wanted,” it’s now “She said I’m her everything/ I’m all she ever wanted.” The track retains the same charm and smoothness as the original with an extra dash of theatricality and swagger care of Songz.

Just as we did when comparing Songz to fellow remixer R. Kelly, I took the temperature of the Newsroom to see what the prevailing opinion was of Trey’s “Best I Ever Had.” The overall consensus? Hot!

In addition to tossing off remixes, Trey Songz has signed up to be part of a new collaboration called Ocean’s 7. The group consists of Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Nelly, Bryan-Michael Cox, Tyrone Davis and Johnta Austin. The group takes it’s name from the film Ocean’s 11 and was apparently created when Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox were in Las Vegas working in the studio with Usher. The group, who fashion themselves after the original Rat Pack, has already dropped a mixtape called 3000 and 9 S—, as well as a video for a song called “So Much Swagg.”

What do you think: Is Trey Songz the current remix king, or is there somebody else out there churning out superior tracks? Leave your thoughts in the comments…

Source: MTV

LL Cool J Speaks On Drake & Hip Hop

LL Cool J speaks about Drake and hip hop in these days and what people like and how it’s always evolving. A must watch video, LL is hilarious in this!

Drake Singing Every Girl Live

Just a video I found recently on youtube of Drake singing “Every Girl” live. He really knows how to give it all in this video. While we are on the subject, don’t forget to subscribe to are youtube account to know when new videos are posted.

Drake: From Degrassi To Rap Royalty

The Canadian hip-hop artist (‘Best I Ever Had’) has built a huge following with a gift for melodies, powerful allies and savvy management.

By any modern measure of musical popularity — YouTube views, radio airplay, ring-tone ubiquity — the single “Best I Ever Had” by Toronto rapper Drake is not only a hit, it’s arguably 2009’s “Song of the Summer.” Since debuting on iTunes last month, the hip-hop lust track has sold 600,000 digital downloads and topped three separate pop charts. Even if you can’t summon to mind its rap-sung vocals or brassy syncopated beat, you’ve probably heard “Best I Ever Had” blaring out of a convertible somewhere. Continue reading

MTV Says Drake’s So Far Gone Is The Hottest Mixtape Of 2009 (So Far)

What can we say about So Far Gone that hasn’t already been written in this very section? The mixtape was artistically dope and had out-of-control buzz, and we are stamping it as the mixtape of 2009 so far based on the impact and quality. Let the debates begin, but you’ll have a difficult time saying what other tape reached the ‘hood, the ‘burbs and the industry. A universal thumbs-up. Let’s hope the album lives up to the hype.

“I am honored by the accolade given to me by Mixtape Daily and just by all the stuff that’s going on,” Drake said about getting the nod. “I feel like I just spent a lot of years so in tune with music that I really love. Whether it be R&B, whether it be jazz, whether it be rap, whatever. I think So Far Gone was me finding myself as a person and then finding a way to balance all these things that I love and figuring out truly what it is that I’m good at. I think once you find a rhythm or a formula as an artist, it starts to connect with people. You know, people are like, ‘OK, he’s doing his thing.’ That’s important to do your thing. You can’t be doing what so-and-so is doing or do something that doesn’t fit you. … The best part about finding that rhythm was just being honest. Honesty, you know, rapping about my life and things that occur on a daily basis. So when I draw inspiration, I really can draw from my life, not go make something up or hear someone else’s story.

“I can just live and then write,” he continued. “And so that really makes my musical process very easy and gratifying. It’s been dope. So for people to respond to that mixtape was a great thing.”

With all the accolades he’s raked in from the mixtape, has Drizzy ever had second thoughts about giving the tape out for free instead of selling it?

“I think that’s what we’re working on right now,” he said. ” ‘Best I Ever Had’ is doing amazing on iTunes. But [the mixtape] was an important moment for me. So no, I don’t ever look at it and say, ‘I wish that was an album.’ It was important that it was a mixtape, ’cause if it was an album, I don’t know if it would’ve had the same impact. I think the fact that I gave that for free, it was kind of brazen, like, ‘What? What do you have in your collection, in your catalog, to be able to throw this out there?’ And just while we were creating it, it was all of us, you know? Me, 40, Oliver and everyone else involved. It was us, just having fun in a stress-free environment, because we knew we were going to give it away. So I am hoping to bring that same energy to the album. It’s harder, because you know that it’s your album. You know people have to go buy it and they have to support it or else you’re not going to live up to the expectations, but hopefully we can channel that same energy into this project.”

The Mixtape Daily famliy sat down and discussed not just Drake’s effort, but the street projects by a slew of other artists. Come back Friday for our entire list.

If you still haven’t downloaded Drake’s “So Far Gone” Mixtape you can download it now!

Drake – So Far Gone Mixtape (2009)

Download “Best I Ever Had”

Drake Interview – Exposes Dating Secrets

This one is for the ladies! Drake has an interview and answers a couple questions on his dating secrets. The video answers a couple of the questions, but you can read the rest of the Q&A’s at TeenDiariesOnline. Also just in, I just got the lyrics for Drake’s new release “The Winner”.