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Super Bowl Weekend Pop Up Show by Drake Owned Strip Club Brings in Celebrities

The Ballet strip club, owned by Toronto rapper Drake, provided a pop up show for celebrity guests on Super Bowl weekend. Jas Prince, Drizzy’s business partner, held a special round of auditions a month ago in order to recruit only the best of the best strippers for a pop up show by the Ballet strip club. The clients at the show on Super bowl weekend included celebrities such as 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Wale, Migos, Diplo, and others. All Star players from the NFL in attendance included Von Miller as well as Odell Beckham Jr. The strippers performed for the guests, but Drake reminded people that his latest project is “not about no strip club shit.” Drizzy was not present at the show because the 6 God was still on tour with Young Thug in Europe.

4 Things We Know About ‘More Life’, Drakes Latest Project

More Life, the latest project that Drake is working on and the Views album follow up, has been generating a LOT of hype. Anyone who is an Aubrey Graham fan is waiting impatiently to hear Drizzy’s newest project. What is known so far about this Drake’s most mysterious project though?

1) Since the ‘More Life’ project announcement coincided with the release of the singles ‘Two Birds One Stone’, ‘Sneakin’ with 21 Savage, and ‘Fake Love’, and the artwork from the project is featured on the albums, it is a sure bet that these songs will be in ‘More Life’ .

2) ‘More Life’ could be released very soon, even this month or early March. When Drizzy performed in Amsterdam the Toronto rapper stated to fans “I know we got three more shows in Amsterdam right? But the best part about that is if you coming back to any more shows, More Life is going to be out, we can just do some whole new shit.” Since the next Amsterdam performance is scheduled for February 26 the project release date may be before this.

3) According to the 6 God himself ‘More Life’ will be a playlist rather than an album or mixtape. Since the Apple deal many expect the newest project to also be an exclusive for Apple Music.

4) A new track which features British MC Giggs will probably show up in the project since it was debuted during Drake’s Amsterdam show when the rapper made the announcement about ‘My Life’.


It is difficult to make any predictions about ‘My Life’. Will it have mass appeal similar to Views or will it be similar to ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’? The truth is somewhere in the middle, with tracks in the same pop and rap style as ‘Pop Style’ and ‘One Dance as well as those with a variety of other styles.

Drake Makes Special Appearance at Roy Woods Unlocked Tour Performance

You never know where Drake is going to show up. During a recent Roy Woods performance for his Unlocked Tour Drizzy made a surprise appearance, to show some support and love for the artist.

The Toronto rapper performed hits including “Pop Style” and “Fake Love” and the fans couldn’t get enough. A video of the 6 God on stage has been circulating online and fans should check it out.


A video posted by Word On Road (@wordonrd) on

A video posted by Word On Road (@wordonrd) on

Gucci Mane – Both Feat. Drake Lyrics

Gucci Mane – Both Feat. Drake Lyrics

[Intro: Southside & Future]
If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I got so many felonies I might can’t never go to Canada
But Drake said he gon’ pull some strings
So let me check my calendar
I just popped one of them one what-you-call-its
And it boosted my stamina
Now I’m fucking her on the banister
Guess I just East Atlanta’d her
I’m in an all red drop tarantula
Fuck a Challenger
Damn these hoes ain’t got no manners bruh
Where’s the manager?
I keep throwing rubber bandies up
Hoe, pull your panties up
Cause you fuck like a granny fuck
You’re just an amateur
This Patek Philipe gon’ make this crooked judge
Try throw the book at me
I look like half a million worth of heroin
When she look at me
But you ain’t gotta fuck with me my nig
But you’re stuck with me
But how you called the cops on me my nig?
You grew up with me

[Hook: Drake]
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now, got me talking about my life
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now and I need ya in my life
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now

[Verse 2: Drake]
Yeah, I’m both
Yeah, I had a drink, yeah I smoked
Yeah, you think I need you, but I don’t
Just left out Dubai with all my folks
Open water, my location is remote
Shout out Yachty but this ain’t a lil boat
This some shit I wrote up back when I was broke
See the power of the mind is not a joke
Man, I said that I would do it and I did
Used to get leftovers out the fridge
Nobody was famous where I lived
Till I got it jumping at the crib
Took a lot to be able to give, I mean

[Hook: Drake]
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now, got me talking about my life
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now and I need ya in my life
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high
But I’m both right now

[Outro: Southside]

Bryson Tiller Hints at Feature on Drake’s ‘More Life’ Project

Fans are excited to learn that Drake’s More Life project will be released next year, and the news was confirmed by both Drizzy and by Oliver El-Khatib. An Instagram post from the Toronto rapper read Finally got to play today after recovering from the ankle injury. Happy to be back at 100 and ready for More Buckets More Shows and More Life 2017.”

This project was first announced back in October, and a four pack sampler was released to build interest and excitement. Many believe that Bryson Tiller will play a role in the project since Tiller posted on Twitter suggesting a previous late night session. According to the tweet “Started some vibes with Drake today. more life.” Tiller released his own album in October of last year called Trapsoul, and he has played a background part on albums from DJ Khaled and Travis Scott so far this year. Bryson also played a background role in the single by Gucci Mane called “Drove U Crazy”. Tiller also released the single “Let Me Explain” a few months ago, and told fans that his next album is almost finished. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the 6 God’s More Life project as well as new music from Tiller as well.

After Drake Disses With ‘Two Birds One Stone’ Pusha T Offers a Response

The ongoing feud between Drake and Pusha T is no secret. With the latest diss from Drizzly in ‘Two Birds One Stone the Toronto rapper gets a jab in at Pusha with the lyrics “But really it’s you with all the drug dealer stories that’s gotta stop though. You made a couple chops and now you think you Chapo.” This song ignited controversy when it came out because Drake also took a shot at Kid Cudi over his recent mental issues.

After some time Pusha T gave Drizzy a public response, telling the world “I would never, ever attribute that to myself. My past is cemented. My past happened. Like slavery happened. The Holocaust happened. You can’t ever question anything that has actually happened. Listen. I’m not speaking to him. I’m telling you, the real of it is: It ain’t real if it’s about me.” It looks like this is one feud that won’t be laid to rest any time soon.

Bodyguard for Drake Dragged Into Battery Claim

A bodyguard who works for Drake has been named in a battery case. A man was at Delilah when he is claiming that the Toronto rapper’s bodyguard punched him in the face as security was trying to empty out the restroom so Drizzy could use it. According to law enforcement the incident occurred on November 5th of this year and the victim did file a report with the L.A. County Sheriff Office claiming that he was assaulted in West Hollywood at the club.

Police are investigating the battery claims and a witness who was at Delilah on the night of the alleged incident has talked to the media. This witness claims that Drake was not even at the club that night, and that there is a private bathroom for celebrity use only so the alleged victim would not have been in a bathroom that the 6 God would have used anyway.

The Weeknd is Open to Working With Drake on Joint Project

The rumor mill has been working overtime, with rumors flying that there is some bad blood between the Toronto rapper and the XO boss. The rumors first started when The Weeknd refused to sign with the OVO label, Drake’s very own label. When news broke that Drizzy received material from The Weeknd that was added to his Take Care album this fueled speculation even more. During a recent interview with The Weeknd on Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe got the Starboy crooner to open up on the supposed feud, and the rapper voiced appreciation for Drake and a willingness to work on a joint project with the 6 god.

According to The Weeknd “He came in as my big bro and showed the world what I could do. From then on, he’s always been supporting me and I’ve always been supporting him. Behind the scenes, we’re still very close but it’s cool that the world can see us doing our own thing. OVOXO will always be there. It’s cool to have both monsters work together as opposed to one monster and one little guy coming in. It’s dope, like Kanye and Jay Z, when Watch the Throne happened. He’s the homie. At the end of the day, that’s my guy. Oliver, 40, all of Toronto. There wouldn’t be any new artists from there if it wasn’t for Drake making Toronto cool because it wasn’t cool. Let’s be honest. Canada wasn’t ever cool.” To further put the rumors of bad blood to rest Drizzy congratulated The Weeknd on his third album Starboy, sending out congrats to his fellow rapper from Toronto and also the XO crew as well.


Out now!!! Congrats @theweeknd and the whole XO man dem. ????

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Annual Drake Night Held Against Golden State Warriors, Hosted by Toronto Raptors on November 16

The annual Drake Night held by the Toronto Raptors will take place on November 16, 2016, and it will be against another favored Drizzy team the Golden State Warriors. Just because Drake is the global ambassador and the biggest fan of the Toronto Raptors that doesn’t mean that the rapper from the 6 isn’t also a big fan of the Warriors, even going so far as to brag about the team practicing at his home in the track Summer Sixteen. According to Steph Curry he is close friends with Drizzy and there is some truth to this, and the star basketball player told Cabral Richards from TSN “[It was] me versus my brother-in-law, with Drake and his boys and some of my family in the stands.”

Drake is frequently spotted at Oracle Arena in Oakland to catch games, in fact the 6 God was there last Saturday to see the Los Angeles Lakers play. Fans at an In-N-Out have also been surprised by Drake and Steph Curry catching a meal after one of the games. For Drake Night last year Drizzy made jokes at the expense of the Raptors players while he introduced each one, and there was a booth in commemoration of the music video for Hotline Bling.