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Drake Performs In Nottingham, England (Photos)

Drake performed in Nottingham, England last Wednesday. Check out the photos after the jump and also if you haven’t seen our videos yet, click here.

Photos courtesy Dominic Henry

Drake Closes Out The Club Paradise Tour UK In Nottingham (Video)

Drake performed his last show in Nottingham for Club Paradise tour UK. Watch the videos after the jump of Drake’s last show at Capital FM Arena. Drizzy closed the show out with a bang by bring out the entire OVO crew out on stage. USA get ready, because this is going to be an epic start to his Summer leg. We are announcing winners to his first show in Concord, CA tomorrow night!

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Drake Performs In Liverpool, England (Photos)

Drake performed in Liverpool, England last night for his Club Paradise tour. Take a look at the photos from his performance below. Photographs courtesy of Conor Douglas.

Drake Performs In Birmingham/Parties At Gatecrasher

Drake performed performed his second show in Birmingham last two nights ago. Here’s a pretty lengthy video of Drake performance that night. Drake was hilarious through out this performance, specifically at 2:30 mark and the 4:45 mark lol. After Drake’s performance though, Drake slid on through to Gatecrasher for his official after-party. He performed a couple tracks from his Take Care album and overall had the fans loving it. Watch both videos after below.

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Drake Performs In Birmingham, England Day 2 (Photos)

Drake performed his second show in Birmingham, England last night a part of his Club Paradise tour. View the photos after the jump of Drake’s performance.

Photos courtesy of Steve Ladner and Jay Stewart

Drake Club Paradise Tour In Paris, France (Photos)

Drake performed in Paris, France last Thursday for the Club Paradise tour. Check out Drake‘s performance in Paris as well as some still photos of him right after the jump. Follow us on #Instagram @drizzydrakeorg to receive photos on your iPhone and Android smartphones.

Drake Cozies Up With UK Singer “NY” In Nightclub

Drake was spotted having a good time with UK singer “NY” in a nightclub while doing his Club Paradise tour in Europe. Check out the photos below. New fling perhaps?

via InFlexWeTrust

Capital FM: Drake Talks The Tube In London

Drake told Capital FM that he wants to experience The Tube in London, after hearing that his friend Rihanna took The Tube. The Tube, for those that do not know, is London’s underground transport system. Read what Drake had to say after the jump.

Drake thoughts on the Tube: “I guess I have to now I guess that’s like that thing. You know I feel like that’s the word on road out here is that Rihanna was on the tube so I feel like I got to experience it as well – it’s crazy. I wonder what was people’s reaction when she got on there as well, that’s amazing.”

Drake about Rihanna and Performing: “She actually probably would have got on stage and we’ve yet to perform that record together so it would have been special but she actually got there for the last four songs so she got an idea of how exciting the show was and I think she had a fun time for the brief time she was there. We’ll get to perform it at some point I’m sure.”