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Drake Goes Gold First Week For Take Care!

Drake topped the charts with his sophomore album “Take Care” selling 659,190 units the first week. This is the first time that Drake goes gold in the first week sales. I’m sure he will go platinum in the coming week(s). Thank you to all the fans that went out and purchased a copy of Drake’s sophomore album. Check out all the fans that rep Drake!

DrakeCare: Fans Rush To The Stores To Purchase Take Care (Photos)

Today is the official release of Drake‘s Take Care album, and Drake’s numbers for his sophomore album are looking pretty good so far. Hundreds of fans rushed to the nearest HMV, Best Buy, or even Amazon from their desktop to purchase the highly anticipated album. We asked fans to send in a photo of their copy, and the pictures just keep pouring in hourly. Check out #TeamDrizzy and #TeamDrake fans photos below.