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Drake At UCF In Orlando Florida + Bra Collection

Drake has been touring around doing his thing on the “Away From Home” Tour. He recently came to Orlando, Florida to do a concert at UCF, my old university! So a couple of my buddies ended up snagging a great video of him performing “A Night Off” and “Successful”. That’s not the only thing to watch it for, Drake has his microphone pole carrying a plentiful amount of bra’s attached to it, only to add some more when other girls decide to join the party. What you think?

Drake Speaks On Family Turmoil, Making ‘Successful’

Drake speaks on some family turmoil, which led to the making of one of his hit songs on the “So Far Gone” mixtape “Successful”. Aubrey Drake Graham Lately is starting to really show some very vulnerable spots in his life. It’s cool, man is doing his thing.

Source: MTV